Hostal Flamingo

Let’s talk about Ibiza! I’ve been back for two weeks now and it feels weird, when I wake up I expect to be there, which is especially mad when you think we were only there three days. I think this can all be explained away by the fact our hotel, Hostal Flamingo in the hippy district of Es Canar, felt like home from the second we walked through the door.

The white washed hotel tucked down a narrow dirt track off the main street in Es Canar is only little, with thirty rooms across four floors. Inside it’s an instagrammer’s dream, white walls, grey furnishings and pops of flamingo pink scattered around. We were checked in by the friendliest woman in Ibiza, who warned us that even the locals were struggling in the heat – not a great sign for us!

The ladies very kindly let me have the only single room since I was the trips designated driver (I think they wanted me well rested before I got behind the wheel), we dumped our bags in our rooms and headed straight to the pool to cool off.

Since it was midweek in a quiet area of town, the hotel was pretty quiet, a few couples and families about who were looking for a different side to Ibiza than your traditional nightlife scene!  We had the pool all to ourselves that afternoon, since the other guests were all out exploring! Now give five bloggers a private pool and you end up with a mini photoshoot sesh!

We were all pretty peckish by this point, after a 4am wakeup call, a rushed breakfast from Pret and nearly ten hours total time spent travelling and hanging out in airports, so we decided to keep our pool time short and sweet. Some splashing about in the blissfully cool water, swimsuit shots for all, and lots of excited giggling while we made the most of my waterproof phone to get our Boomerang on!

Feeling refreshed, we headed back to the rooms (where I’d cleverly left my air con on, so it was deliciously cold walking in) to get ready for dinner. Since I had the single room, mine was smaller than the others, but it was plenty big enough for just me! With a double bed, wardrobe and dressing table, and dinky en suite bathroom (which was admittedly a little dated), I had everything I needed and was nice and cosy!

Post dinner we decided to make the most of the courtyard!

The courtyard at Hostal Flamingo is the very definition of multifuntional. It’s where you have breakfast, it’s the evening bar, it’s a spot to grab some shade and a drink in the afternoon, and it made for the perfect photoshoot background (more on that soon…). When we arrived back from dinner the courtyard was deserted, so we grabbed a few cheap bottles of wine from the local store, and made ourselves at home on a big bench table in the corner.

The staff very kindly bought us over glasses, a corkscrew, and candles to light the table, and we sat there for hours. It’s so wonderfully refreshing to travel with a group of girls who you’ve not met before, or didn’t know so well, and to instantly feel like old friends. We talked everything from politics to blogging to boys, and four bottles of wine later decided it was time for bed!

Breakfast was the main event at this hotel though, and probably the thing I miss most. Served in the gorgeous aforementioned courtyard, we ambled down at 8.30 to be greeted with the perfect spread. Fresh coffee percolating on the bar, homemade croissants and bread rolls stacked up in wicker baskets, being constantly refreshed as the oven timer pinged periodically. Fresh yogurts, meats and cheeses, juices and the star of the show – the fruit. Big wedges of fresh cut watermelon, bowls of soft peaches, perfectly ripe bananas and apples, everything you could possibly wish for! I’m thinking of stocking my fridge with peach juice and watermelons always from now on.

The gist is if you’re looking for a base to explore the island of Ibiza, Hostal Flamingo is the one. I for one can’t wait to spend more time here!