A February To Do List

And just like that, January is over, and February is upon us! I’m not so excited for this month, since it starts off next week with another surgery for me, but I AM looking forward to getting this month out of the way! Luckily for me February is a short month that leads directly on to March, which brings my birthday and a few other exciting plans! In the meantime, I’m focusing on a little self care, and adding a little happiness into my everyday. So that’s the theme for the February To Do List this year!

  1. Treat yourself to a fancy new lipstick! I picked up Charlotte Tilbury’s new Pillow Talk lipstick last week and hubba hubba is it beautiful. Applying this makes me feel like a real life princess (swatches coming soon) and don’t we all need that in our lives?
  2. Celebrate Galentines day! Send your gal pals a cute card in the post, have brunch together, or send a little happy mail parcel in the post. I think we all need an excuse to celebrate love right now, so make sure your girls know you love them!
  3. Buy yourself a bunch of tulips, and get excited to welcome Spring soon.
  4. Read a classic romance novel. I’ll be knocking out Jane Eyre, which has been one of my favourite novels since I was about 13. Get lost in a little classic literature.
  5. Buy an extravagant amount of cake. I’m talking a Krispy Kreme dozen for two or a giant Red Velvet cake just for you. Everyone knows calories don’t count in February, right?
  6. Try something new. A new exercise class at the gym, a different cafe for your Sunday morning coffee, or a new route for your dog walk. A change is as good as a rest, or so they say.
  7. Get colouring. My mama bought me this beautiful colouring calendar, and I’ve been loving doodling all over it during tedious phone calls or when my brain is feeling overloaded. It makes me want to crack out my Harry Potter colouring books for a bit more mindful colouring!
  8. Create a homeware wishlist. Hopefully March will be the month we move into our new place, so all my free time this month will be devoted to furious pinning + kitchen planning! I feel like February is a great month for restyling a room, reimagining your home, or just buying a few new pieces to spruce things up.

What’s on your February To Do List?

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