Investing in Quality not Quantity

When I was about fifteen, the next town over got a Primark. It was my first experience with Primark, and I fell hard and fast for it’s fast, affordable fashion. I’d take a pilgrimage every few weeks with my friends, having saved up my £20 a week pocket money, and we would challenge ourselves to buy as much as possible for our money. When I went to uni I started adding in the odd piece from Topshop, a bit more from Zara, and a lot from H&M, but I still relied on Primark for trend led pieces and cheap basics, picking up a stack of plain white tees + a new stash of patterned tights every few months. I was shopping a lot, it didn’t help that my uni was literally on Oxford Street, and I was coming home with something new most days.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. I shop very rarely, and when I do instead of coming home with half the store, I’m bringing back one or two pieces I’ve lovingly selected, and usually been hankering after for months on end. A new pair of Ash boots, a jumper from Whistles or a Kate Spade handbag.

I’m not entirely sure what caused the shift in my spending pattern, perhaps I’m just more comfortable in my style now. I no longer lust after trend led pieces, but rather classic cuts and colours that I know I will love + cherish for a long time.

And yes, an £80 jumper or a new pair of boots at £160 might seem excessive to some, but after dropping the same amount monthly on fast fashion, if anything it seems like a wiser investment.

I’m happier with my wardrobe, I’m more comfortable with my style picks, and I love every single piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

And my clothes last longer. They’re higher quality and hold up better to washing + constant wear, and I probably subconsciously take a little more care of them because they cost more.

Generally speaking the higher quality cuts + fabrics are more flattering on me, and look better, so I feel better and more confident.

So I don’t feel bad for splurging in Whistles, or picking up a few pieces in John Lewis. Or splurging on a new coat from Maje. Because I wear these things every day, and I love them all!

Are you a quality or quantity kinda gal?