Weekly Magic #4

Let’s be honest here, blog posts have been few and far between in these parts. It wasn’t a conscious decision but the stress of lockdown and then the return to uni have been more impactful on my creative space than I had wanted.

I don’t want this little corner of the internet to die out, I don’t want to create subpar content, but I also know my previous content schedule clearly won’t work for me right now. Honestly I’d rather create sporadic content I’m proud of than content for content’s sake, or nothing at all.

So to ease back in I thought I’d bring back Weekly Magic, as a way to keep you updated, and a way to share some happy things!

Jaye rockett taking a selfie in the mirror of her bedroom. She is wearing light wash boyfriend fit jeans, a green cardigan and an orange hat.

A little health update.

Things seem to be a little better in the health department these days. I mostly know how to manage my stomach issues, and I’ve been seeing a new doctor about my heart who has been fantastic. Whilst I’m still waiting for tests for an official diagnosis, I have started taking Beta Blockers to help control my symptoms and they’ve been fantastic. Definitely cementing my status as a grandma, but my heart rate isn’t climbing so dramatically every time I move, and I’m not having palpitations when I’m sat still so I’m calling that a win! I can’t tell you how much of a weight off my mind it is to have a doctor who took my symptoms seriously, and really listened. I’ve spent most of my life chasing answers to health issues and I finally feel like I have a team of doctors who listen and help.

Jaye's desk has lots of notebooks full of writing, an open word document on her computer screen, and a tub of Oatly salted caramel ice cream with a spoon sticking out of it in the middle.

Life as an MA Student!

Okay so naive old me thought I’d fall back into an academic routine with ease, and it would be a walk in the park. The reality is a fifty hour work week + at least three set texts a week to work through – poor Past Jaye did not know what she was getting herself into! That said I am loving being back in an academic environment, being surrounded by creatives, and having the time to dedicate to writing. I might start sharing some of the things I’ve been working on in class here, if that would be of interest? I’ve also started sharing some Weekly Vlogs on my YouTube Channel again, if you’re interested in seeing more!

A new local.

Our favourite Sunday coffee spot didn’t survive Covid, so we’ve been in mourning for a few months now. Thankfully, another local favourite opened a new location just a hop skip and a jump from our place. So balance has been restored and our Sunday morning includes a walk to Lead Out for oat milk dirty chai and donuts! It’s a routine I missed so much during lockdown, and one of the few things we can still do whilst trying to isolate as much as possible.

A Mini Zara Haul.

I’ve been being a good little student and not really spending any money, but I did fall into Zara this month. This green coat was a perfect addition to my coat wardrobe, something big enough to wear jumpers underneath but still look stylish. It’s also made of recycled water bottles and surprisingly affordable at £30! I also couldn’t leave behind this adorable embroidered cardigan, giving me all the Animal Crossing autumn vibes!

Hope you’ve all had a great week!