A Letter to Myself for a New Semester

This week marks the beginning of a new term of my MA, and honestly? I’m even more excited than in September.

The anxieties of returning to school (five whole years since graduating, when did that happen?!) have long since disappated, and this time around I have a new found appreciation for my time at uni. In the words of Andy Bernard, ‘I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them’ – well I have the benefit of that this time around. I didn’t truly appreciate my time at University during my undergraduate degree, but distance from that this time around means I’m so much more grateful to be back in school. (No, you just quoted The Office in this very serious blog post.)

A word document is shown on an open laptop, sat on a desk covered in papers. There is a stack of fairytale books in the background as well as a burning candle, and a white coffee mug on a quartz coaster.

With that in mind, I wanted to set some intentions for a new semester…

Embrace every opportunity.

Read the whole reading list, take the additional classes, absorb everything that is offered to you. There is so much to learn, learn as much as you can.

Plan your time carefully.

You have more time to work than you think, and if you time block out your time from the beginning you’ll save yourself scrambling at the end of term.

Jaye rockett's desk, glasses sit atop scattered papers, laptop and coffee cup in background

Work and self care come before all else.

Sometimes you have to reassess your priorities, and for this term I’ll be prioritising good uni work and restful self care. If the chores and socialisation suffer, well that’s okay. It’s okay to admit you can’t do it all.

Read without guilt.

You can’t write without reading, and you can’t create good work without reading. Time spent reading isn’t wasted.