Books I Read in September

It’s been a book heavy month! Surprising really since I started my MA and have been swamped with work, but I have really enjoyed reading this month.

I’ve also stepped outside of my comfort zone a fair bit too, looks like my Uni reading list is going to keep pushing my literature boundaries so let’s see how that goes!

The Hearts We Sold – Emily Lloyd Jones. The first book of the month was a faced paced YA fantasy that got me back into a reading groove. This book was so much more than I expected, our heroine Dee is an abuse survivor who will do anything to escape her past, including literally sell her heart to a demon. Not only is Dee a really well fleshed out character, you’ll find yourself rooting for her from the start, but this book benefits from a whole host of really well developed supporting characters.

If you love a survivor story, a bit of a found family trope, and of course, a little bit of magic, please read this book.

book flatlay jaye rockett cosy socks and book on bed.

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo. I finally read my first Bardugo in August (I know I’m late to the party), but Ninth House was so good it had me set off in hunt of her other reads ASAP. Embarrassingly, I already had most of them. Anyway, Shadow and Bone is a YA fantasy with a more traditional structure than Ninth House, it rings familiar to books like The Red Queen/Throne of Glass to me. I found it a little slow to start, the magic system is unique and you’re definitely thrown in with little handholding, but the plot was compelling and the characters, whilst not necessarily likeable, were intriguing. I liked this a lot and have since tried to get into the second book but am definitely struggling with second book syndrome.

A kingdom of flesh and fire review jaye rockett jennifer l armentrout

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire – Jennifer L ArmentroutMy most anticipated release of 2020, the sequel to From Blood and Ash, the first vampire book I’ve ever connected with. I’ll be honest, this book reads like Poppy and Cas fanfiction in places. It’s light on plot with a lot of repetitive dialogue, but if like me, you’d die for Hawke, you’ll love it.

Read if you like vampires, stabbing and steamy romances.

Out of Sheer Rage Geoff Dyer Review Jaye Rockett

Out of Sheer Rage – Geoff DyerThe first book from my uni reading list did not hit the mark. Unless you want to be consumed by sheer rage I’d recommend steering clear. This book can best be described as the self-indulgent ramblings of a middle class white man. Particularly tone deaf remarks such as “When all you have to go on is your own desires, then life becomes considerably more difficult.” Prick. Avoid.

jaye rockett elizabeth is missing review

Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey. I’ll be honest, I went into this with gritted teeth, I didn’t love Healey’s Whistle in the Dark. This book however, is a cleverly plotted mystery with a compelling dual strand narrative, and a protagonist you just want to love. It’s a complicated and thoughtful commentary on dementia, and I’d definitely recommend it.

jaye rockett the midnight disease alice w flaherty

The Midnight Disease – Alice W Flaherty. Another uni read, this one is clunky and slow at times but offers a really interesting insight into the way creative writers operate. Unlike most academic texts, this book reads much more conversationally, and proffers some weird and wonderful theories. If you’re a writer or creative I highly recommend.

jaye rockett book flatlay blood and honey

Blood and Honey – Shelby Mahurin. Another long awaited read, the follow up to Serpent and Dove couldn’t get to me faster! Whilst I loved this read, it’s definitely a little slower than the first book, and seems to suffer somewhat with ‘second book syndrome’, thin on plot but thick on world building. I never mind this, but it can be frustrating when you’ve waited months for a sequel.

The ending of this book ruined me and I’m now equal parts furious and enthralled by Shelby Mahurin.

jaye rockett book flatlay what I read in september

What did you read in September? Any recommendations? Here’s hoping October is as fruitful a reading month for me!