Weekly Magic #3

Long time, no weekly magic! It felt like we were long overdue a check in, so here we are! Things have been a little strange for me the last few weeks, my trip to the hospital last month caused a severe IBS flare up that’s pretty much had me housebound since – lucky old me! I head into hospital tomorrow for a colonoscopy and some biopsies, my annual cancer check up, so honestly? I’ve been feeling a little flat.

jaye rockett bournemouth beach at sunset

I don’t want to dwell on the negatives, but I do think it’s important to acknowledge them. I find myself talking about my health more and more these days, mostly in a bid to get people to understand. I suppose I realised that if I don’t tell people how I’m feeling, I can’t possibly expect them to know where I’m at. So yeah, fingers crossed I can get this colonoscopy out of the way and start feeling a little better! Moving on to happier things!

jaye rockett weekly magic spring rose bush

Spring is on the horizon.

Finally. I have to admit to not so secretly adoring these stormy weekends we’ve been having, the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the sofa with a book! But I’m definitely ready for a bit more Vitamin D, and it’s a welcome change to see flowers blooming and things beginning to pick up! I’m ready for sunny afternoons on my balcony!

Feeling creative.

Last week I had the pleasure of helping out in my friends student film for her MA project. I had a small role that mostly involved sitting around, drinking coffee and looking sad (all things I’m great at), but it was honestly so fun to be around creative people again, and it made me feel excited to go back to uni! Definitely gave me the push I needed to get cracking with my Masters applications!

jaye rockett bournemouth beach at sunset

Doing something good every day. 

It’s been a kinda depressing few weeks being stuck in the house, and so I’ve been making a concerted effort to use what little energy I have to do something good. A chat with a friend, a quick coffee date, a short walk, just something. That’s how I ended up on the beach at sunset last week, and there’s just something about a gorgeous sunset that feels restorative to your very bones.

jaye rockett oat milk latte art cosy coffee shop

Friends that make accommodations.

I’m so lucky to have such supportive pals, who thankfully aren’t tearing their hair out at me bailing on plans and not being super available. They’ve been sending hilarious memes, dropping off coffee and baked goods, and just hanging out in my sofa den with me. What pals.

jaye rockett bournemouth beach at sunset


I announced my latest hashtag project on Instagram this weekend and everyone was SO supportive! I know I’m not the only one who has missed the #huntingforautumn community, so I’m excited for #huntingformagic! Get tagging your moments of everyday magic over on Instagram!

jaye rockett coffee book

Other great things worth mentioning:

  • Ever since seeing Oh Wonder live at the beginning of the month I’ve been extra addicted! They were my most listened to band of the decade on Spotify Wrapped, I’ve loved them for years and finally getting to see them live and meet them too really sealed the deal for me.
  • If you haven’t yet, pick up Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s new book The Mercies. Not only is it an addictive read, it’s a really interesting commentary on the witch trials of the 1600s, and I think it’s a really important read.
  • Love is Blind on Netflix. What a RIDE. Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine and a group chat with your mates.
  • My pal Lauren sent me some goodies in the post, including the most beautiful new notebook for working on my book. It’s so seriously beautiful that it’s encouraging me to write more. What a babe.

Things may be a little quiet for the next few weeks as I recover from the procedure. I hope you’re all well, and thanks as always for sticking around!