Setting Achievable Work Goals For A New Year

New year new me, etc, etc. This time of year we have a habit of piling on the pressure, setting lofty goals without much of an idea how we will achieve them. Especially in work, we start the year off with the hope of changing things up, this is the year we will be proactive not just reactive, this is the year we will hit that major target or goal, this is the year we will work harder. But, inevitably, we don’t plan it out well enough and we fail before we’ve even really started. 
How many times have you started the year with the best intentions, but two weeks in found yourself back at square one? Well, here are my tips for setting work goals you actually CAN achieve. 

achievable work goals for a new year jaye rockett coffee shop working laptop macbook

Be realistic. 
Think about your time restraints, your own abilities, your other priorities. It’s all well and good setting exciting, lofty goals in your work life, but if you’re also trying to have a better work life balance, spend more time with family, or have any other conflicting goals, it may not work out. Set yourself goals that are realistically achievable without breaking your back to do so. 

Think about your why. 
What’s the real reason you want to achieve this goal? Is it personal, something you’ve always wanted to do, is it success or money oriented? Tapping into the why of your goals can often help you focus on the specifics, what you really want to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there. 

Plot out your roadmarks. 
What are your markers that you’re on the right track? What steps do you know you need to take to achieve your goal? Plotting out your goal and planning as thoroughly as possible means your goal will be more achievable. 

Communicate your goal. 
With yourself and others! Whatever works for you, a vision board, a to do list in the front of your planner, a mind map hung on your wall. Keep it at the forefront of your mind, to keep yourself on track. Tell your friends about your goal, tell your colleagues and your boss, share it on social media, and ask people to check in on your progress. Accountability always helps! 

achievable work goals for a new year jaye rockett coffee shop working laptop macbook

An example:
Work goal: Finish the first draft of my novel by September.  Why: I want to have a fully fledged first draft before I start my masters degree, so I can devote more time to uni projects, and then use my learned skills to help me refine and edit my draft in my free time.  How: I will plan non negotiable blocks of writing time into my schedule, and work to a goal of 10,000 words a month.  Communicating: I’ve made a Pinterest board of inspiring images, and my best friend Daphne did an illustration inspired by my project which I keep on my desk. I’ve told my friends, I have a writing buddy who checks in, and I’m telling you guys too! 

achievable work goals for a new year jaye rockett coffee shop working laptop macbook

Hopefully that helps makes the idea of setting achievable goals less intimidating, let me know what your work goals are in the comments!