Healthy Habits To Embrace This Season

January, the never ending month of despair. I’m on a mission to really embrace a season of fresh starts and positive change. I talked a little before about how I’m not really into setting big, lofty goals, but rather small incremental changes that will (hopefully) have a profound impact on my day to day. These are the healthy habit shifts I’ll be prioritising this season.

Saying no more.

Nothing overwhelms me quite like a full diary. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying yes to plans out of guilt rather than because they work for me, and it has to stop. It causes me so much stress and honestly my body needs more time for rest than I’m giving it. So this season I’m practising saying ‘thanks for the invite, but my schedule is too full right now’.

Reading every day.

I often lament the fact I don’t have enough time to read, but when I look at my phone screen time, it appears I’d have plenty of time for a lot of things if I stopped mindless scrolling. My goal is to read something every day, even if it’s just a few pages of a book.


This time last year I got super into making fresh juices – mostly because veg was pretty much all I could eat. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit, mostly because our juicer is a total pain to clean, but I want to get back into it. I often struggle with nausea in the mornings and don’t want to eat, but having a juice gives my body the kick it needs to get started. I also bought a few glass bottles so I can bulk juice on a Monday, and pop a few bottles in the freezer for the rest of the week – less washing up required! A great start to the day and an easy way to get a few more of your five a day in.

Walking, every day.

I’ve recently discovered some seriously dreamy walking routes near work and now I have NO excuse to not get outside every day. My goal is 20 minutes on a work day, either on my way in or out, and at least one proper walk at the weekend. It’s definitely been tougher with the shorter days, but this path is so close to work that there’s literally no excuse.

healthy habits

Food shopping less frequently, with more purpose.

My usual mode of operation is to do a big online food shop every ten days or so for the essentials, picking up any extras throughout the week. It’s a pretty cost effective way to shop – less chance of me picking things up on a whim, but it still resorts in some less healthy choices, and more waste than I’d like. We’re fortunate enough that near either work or home I have plenty of options for buying fresh, local groceries, as well as grass fed organic meat, and plastic free pantry supplies. I want to be better about shopping every few days, knowing exactly what we will need and reducing our food waste. That way the food is fresher and better too!

Peaceful moments in every day.

So often, the day passes in a flurry of activity and I get into bed in the evenings realising there’s not been a single moment of peace in the day. I’m making a conscious effort to find a pocket in every day for quiet thought, whether that’s in the bath, taking a walk outside, or a cup of tea enjoyed in quiet, phone free thought.

What are you trying to do more this year?