Inexpensive Ways to Spark Winter Joy

Who else is feeling the post-christmas penny pinching? I spent a LOT of money on our vacation so I’m definitely channeling the saving vibes rather than spendy ones (money diaries post next week?) but sometimes, the belt tightening of the new year can feel a bit depressing. Trying to save money, or indeed just not spend it, when the weather is grey and gloomy and January is in full swing can be TOUGH, so I’m rounding up some inexpensive ways to have fun and spread a little positivity this winter.

jaye rockett spark winter joy

Write a letter to a friend.

I LOVE getting mail, and so do most of my friends. Unluckily for me, my pals seem to be far flung around the globe, and so sending some snail mail feels like such a wholesome way to spread a little joy + spend an afternoon. Spend a grey Sunday writing snail mail to your pals, and it doesn’t need to cost you more than the price of a stamp!

Join your local library, and keep an eye on their calendar.

Winter is the season of the reader, and what better book is there than a free book? I’ve been visiting the local library a lot on weekends to work through reference books, I’m always on the hunt for something new to learn! Our local library has a calendar full of events, from book clubs to talks on decluttering, and writing workshops. And even better, they’re all either free or just a nominal donation!

jaye rockett spark winter joy

Host your pals for dinner.

Most of my friends seem to be partaking in either dry January, or some kind of diet this winter, making our usual get togethers over coffee, cocktails or dinner a little trickier. However, ’tis the season for soups, stews and easy crockpot dishes, so there’s no excuse not to get your pals over for a good-for-you meal instead. It doesn’t need to cost much (especially if there’s no alcohol involved) and if budgets are super tight, ask your friends to each bring a component of the meal with them.

Experiment with cooking.

And on the note of cooking, get experimental in the kitchen! There’s a bounty of fresh seasonal produce available right now, so now excuses not to try one of the thirty healthy recipes you have saved on Pinterest. And if healthy eating isn’t top of your agenda this season, try making decadent at home hot chocolates topped with marshmallows, or baking soft spiced cookies instead.

jaye rockett spark winter joy

Make a date for a cosy picnic.

This is top of my winter to do list this year! Packing up flasks of hot soup and tea, packing them into bags with crusty bread rolls, bars of chocolate and a few thick blankets. Pick a dry day and head out, wrapped up warm, for a walk in the forest with a picnic interlude.

Visit the arcade with your loose change.

Whilst in Toronto we spent a night at a gaming arcade and it was SO MUCH FUN. Whilst that one was a little more modern and a little more pricey, it got me craving a night down at the beach arcade, playing penny slots with my friends! What better use for all the pennies in the bottom of your handbag?

jaye rockett spark winter joy

Play with winter photography.

Arguably the hardest season to photograph, thanks to shorter days and moody skies, but practise makes perfect and practising your photography can lead to great things. Create a Pinterest board of images to inspire you, then give it a go!

What are you trying this winter?