The Non Negotiable Things I Do For My Health

Making the decision to prioritise your health over everything is something that we should all be doing, but in reality, it’s not that easy. Life gets in the way, social plans, work stress, household chores, responsibilities, and before you know it you’re burnt out, run down, stressed. But this year I’ve made a conscious decision to avoid that as much as possible, and here’s how.

pumpkin patch jaye rockett

Walk outside everyday.

Because exercise is hard for me with the current state of my body, a walk is about as intensive as exercise can get. So I’ve been making the effort rain or shine to walk everyday even if it’s just for twenty minutes. A walk round the block after work, a potter into town for a coffee, a walk to the postbox for someone at the office, or stopping on my way home somewhere woodlandy and just stomping around for half an hour. That combined with my longer, ramblier walks at the weekends mean I’m getting outside and moving even a little bit every day. It’s good for my body, it clears my head, helps with some of my symptoms (headaches, restless legs, aching joints, brain fog) and is massively great for my mental health.

Pumpkin patch jaye rockett

Drink a ton of water.

I honestly drink so much water it’s kinda ridiculous. A pint when I wake up, three refills of my Chilly bottle in the office before 1pm, and probably two or three more pints before bed. I drink very little else, other than a coffee or two in the morning. If I don’t drink that much I feel sluggish, I get headaches, and my skin freaks out.

jaye rockett pumpkin patch

Take my vitamins.

Shake me, and I’d rattle. It’s especially important for me because I have a lot of underlying autoimmune conditions, and my body doesn’t absorb a lot of vitamins through food, but I am religious with vitamins. At a minimum I take a B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Iron, Folic Acid and Magnesium every day. They support my health and wellbeing in so many ways, and without them I wouldn’t function anywhere near as well.

Better management of my calendar.

I oscillate between saying yes to everything and saying no to everything, there’s no middle ground. These days I’m working hard to make sure I’m not saying yes out of a misguided sense of obligation, and that I’m not saying no to things I need more of, like quality time with friends and family. I’m trying to strike a better balance between downtime and funtime.

jaye rockett pumpkin patch

Less processed food.

Notice I haven’t said no processed food here, because hell I’m only human. Reducing the amount of processed food in my diet has been a slow, laborious process, but one that’s worth it. My rule now is that everything we cook at home is whole, fresh food, and if I want something naughty out and about well that’s okay. Everything in moderation right?

jaye rockett pumpkin patch

What do you do to prioritise your health?