Weekly Magic #1

Hello, happy Sunday, welcome to a little weekly magic. This week has been a strange one. With a big work deadline looming on Halloween (no, it’s not Brexit), I was expecting a work packed week with little to look forward to. One to get through, rather than enjoy. However, there have been some pockets of magic in this week that were unexpected, and much appreciated.

  • Spending some quality time with my mum. My parents have been travelling for most of the season so far, but I managed to grab some quality time with my mama before they head back out on the road next week. We had a potter round Homesense, dinner in a country pub we haven’t been to in a while (pie and mash, always), and even a post blood test breakfast date. Family time is my favourite thing about living back in Bournemouth for a while.
  • Finding a new walk route near work. Because of my health, I tend to leave work around 1pm, usually with a pounding headache and a foggy brain. Whilst sleeping it off is the best cure, a good walk first helps too, and finding a wild walking route that’s not out of my way, well it’s a good way to clear my head and get a little daily exercise in.
  • A rainy day spent stomping the forest in my Timberlands, getting stuck in the mud and my jeans getting soaked through. Being out in the forest is my true happy place, it’s what I need for my mental health, to feel like myself, and to clear the stress of the week away.


  • Back on the chai latte hype. The perfect afternoon antidote to overcaffeinating in the morning.
  • Rewatching One Tree Hill. What a throwback hey. All the episodes are on Amazon Prime, you’re welcome.
  • This week I finished new release Serpent and Dove, and wow am I excited for the next instalment. Witches, witch hunters and cinnamon buns, what more could you want in a read?
  • Still obsessed with the Yog Nog Shower Gel from Lush. My all time favourite Lush scent, and I’m dousing myself in it every morning.
  • I’ve been on a spending ban but I might break it for this. Slip have bought out a zodiac version of their dreamy eye masks and my resistance is waning.

What’s new with you this week?