Avoiding Buyers Remorse

Raise your hand if you’re a little too familiar with buyer’s remorse! Retail therapy used to be my favourite activity, I’d hit the shops (and my bank balance) hard every time I felt sad, stressed or fed up. Over the years it’s something I’ve mostly managed to curb, I’m certainly not perfect and I still make the occasional rash purchase, but for the most part these days any purchases I make are considered and loved, not something I feel remorse for.

jaye rockett avoiding buyers remorse london regent street

Wait for it.

Most of the purchases we regret are the impulse purchases. You know when you decide you simply MUST own those boots, or that jacket, or that dress that everyone on instagram is wearing, without stopping to think about whether you REALLY want or need it. I try not to buy anything until I’ve wanted it for at least a month or so, it makes sure I’m not buying something based on impulse.

Avoid the shops.

I can contribute at least half of the purchases I later regretted to being at the shops when I didn’t need to. Going to uni on London’s Oxford Street, living ten minutes from the centre of town, it all contributed to a lot of needless trips to shops where I’d buy things just because. These days, I try to only head to the shops when I specifically need something, it helps keep me on track.

Unsubscribe and unfollow.

It can be hard not to impulse shop when we’re constantly flooded with adverts for products we’re told we need. Unsubscribe from marketing emails, and unfollow or mute brand accounts on social media. We’re all subject to enough marketing, without adding this into the mix.

‘Is it FOMO’.

Ask yourself, ‘am I just buying this because I feel like I’ll be missing out if I don’t’. You’re not missing out if you don’t have THAT Zara polka dot, or another NARS Palette, it doesn’t matter if everyone else has it.

jaye rockett avoiding buyers remorse london regent street

I’m at a point now where it’s easy to stop myself from unnecessary purchases, because I want to truly adore everything I own! It’s much easier to say no when you love everything you have.

Are you familiar with buyer’s remorse?