5 Productive Things To Do Every Sunday

Ahhh Sundays. It really is the best day of the week. There’s no pressure or expectations for a Sunday, it’s yours to spend relaxing, resting or prepping for the week ahead as you see fit. As a general rule, I try not to make plans for Sundays, but there are five things I do every week without fail.

 jaye rockett 5 things to do every sunday

Schedule my workouts for the week.

If I have a vague idea that I want to work out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, no matter how good my intentions are, I won’t do it. If I book myself in for yoga on Wednesday, pilates on Friday, and block out time to go for a swim on a Monday, I’ll actually do it. Making exercise non negotiable fixtures in the diary sets me up to actually get it done in the week.

Check my bank statements.

A somewhat depressing activity for a Sunday but a necessary one. I’ve found that I’m much better at staying on top of my finances when I’m checking in regularly, rather than my usual tactics of just ignoring them, weird hey? Anyway, I like to sit down on a Sunday, make sure any bill payments are scheduled to go out, look at my diary and work out if I need cash for any appointments (I pay for my therapy and reflexology in cash), and also give myself a rough budget for the rest of the week, based on any other plans. I found setting a strict weekly budget doesn’t work for me, because some weeks I’ll spend next to nothing, whereas others I’ll have lots of plans that involve spending money, so I try to keep it flexible, realistic and achievable. I’ve been doing this for a few months now and my unnecessary expenditure has dropped massively.

 jaye rockett 5 things to do every sunday

30 minute speed clean.

I really hate cleaning. I hate it. But I also hate living in a messy house. You see the problem here? So I’ve started doing 30 minute speed cleans here and there, but religiously on Sundays. I set a timer for 30 minutes, and try to do as much as possible, specifically the stuff I know will drive me mad in the week. I run the hoover round, wipe the sides down in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, and clean our en-suite, while Con takes the bins out, chucks a laundry load on, cleans out the fridge, changes the bedding and mops the wood floors. Between us, we get on top of the bulk of the everyday stuff, and the house is somewhat ready for the week ahead. When the timer goes off we finish the task at hand, and then crack open a beer.

Inventory + shop.

I’m trying to be a bit better about planning meals and not wasting food, only buying what we specifically need. On a Sunday I’ll go through the fridge, get rid of anything past it’s best, check the cupboards to see what we need, plan out meals for the week and then order the food shop. I’ll also check things like medication and supplement levels, and the boring stuff like shampoo and conditioner, razor heads, body wash, toothpaste etc etc. Sometimes it’s just a food shop, but other times I’ll place an amazon order for other things too. That way I’m stocked up and ready!

5 things to do every sunday jaye rockett

Set goals for the week ahead.

We’re not talking big, lofty, unachievable goals, but something to achieve for the week. Sometimes it’s as small as get through the washing pile, sometimes its health related, like go for a walk every day, and sometimes it’s a work goal. I stay small, achievable and measurable too. I write them into my planner for the week and it keeps me on task.

What do you do at the weekends to set up for the week ahead?