In Defence of Real Books

I buy a lot of books. In fact, probably an unhealthy amount, an amount I’ll probably never actually read. I’ve got an iPad with the kindle app on it, but I rarely ever use it, unless I’m travelling and already burned through the books I packed. I’m a member of my local library and I spend many an afternoon working there, or just tucked up in a cosy armchair reading. But I still buy books, lots of them, and in a world where the reader’s best friend is the Kindle, I wanted to justify my love of real books.

jaye rockett in defense of real books book shop
jaye rockett in defence of books fossgate york

A more immersive reading experience.

For me, nothing will ever be as immersive as holding a tactile book in my hands, and losing myself in the pages. The physical connection between my hands and the pages alone (not to mention that paper smell) make reading a more all consuming, engrossing experience alone. Add that to the fact that when you’re reading a digital book, you have the temptation of the internet being a few clicks away, well, I never find I’m as focused or as absorbed in a digital book.

jaye rockett in defense of real books waterstones bookstore
jaye rockett in defence of books

Supporting local bookstores.

One of my favourite ways to while away an afternoon is in a local bookstore. I LOVE my local Waterstones, the staff are so friendly, there are hand written recommendations next to new books, an ever-changing stack of staff favourites, some of my favourite reads have come from their ‘blind date with a book’ section. The staff are always suggesting new reads based on my previous purchases, and honestly any excuse to chat books is okay with me. When I travel, you best believe I’m sticking my head into every independent, or second hand book store we see. There’s something magical about shelves and shelves of unexplored adventures.

jaye rockett in defence of books

Share + connect.

One of the best things about finishing a great book is passing it along to a friend and waiting to hear what they have to say about it. I love the social aspect of reading, and I have a network of pals I’m always swapping and sharing books with. You can’t swap digital downloads!

Instant homeware.

I always think a home full of books is a cosy one. I love nothing more than nosying through someone’s bookshelf, the kind of books someone has says so much about who they are as a person. So yes, I’m going to go ahead and say that books also double as homeware.

jaye rockett in defence of books

To support authors.

Now, that’s not to say by downloading a digital copy or picking up a book in a library, you’re not supporting the authors, of course you are! But there’s no denying that buy buying a physical copy, there’s a few more pennies going to the authors who have slaved away to create your new favourite read. There have been a few times I’ve read a digital download and then gone out and picked up the hard copy after because I’ve loved it so much. It’s nice to support the author and nice to have a hard copy of your favourite reads!

jaye rockett in defence of books

And in the end, treating yourself to a beautiful new physical book always feels like a delightful treat!

Are you a hard copy or a digital download kinda reader?