Why A Long Weekend in a Motorhome Was Better Than I Expected

Now, you don’t have to know much about me to know that me and camping, we don’t exactly go hand in hand. It would be fair to say I’m partial to a few more creature comforts than camping tends to offer, like you know, plumbing, so I tend to pass. However, when my mum floated the idea of a little road trip in her motorhome, I was talked into it despite my reservations. And actually we had a great time, despite my reservations and here’s why.

Jaye rockett camping thetford forest

Waking up in nature.

One of the camp sites we stayed on was in the middle of Thetford Forest, right in the heart of the national forest. This photo shows the view from my bed when I woke up, can you really beat that? We really got lucky with the weather considering it was March, it was bright, sunny and warm enough in the morning to sit out in our pjs for our first cup of coffee. I was starting my mornings with a dog walk through the forest in the morning sun, you really can’t top that feeling.

Jaye Rockett camping thetford forest

Being able to prepare your own food.

This was an especially big point for me, since I’m still on my restricted treatment diet. Having a fridge + cooking facilities meant I was able to travel without the stress of trying to find somewhere gluten/sugar/dairy free for me to eat and snack. We cooked a whole host of fantastic meals, from fancy avocado and egg breakfasts, to fried rice, to steak!

Jaye rockett camping book sun reading pickering

A slower way to travel.

I’m trying to find ways to live a little slower these days, and camping definitely aligns well with that. There’s something about having your own space to return to after a day exploring that’s especially comforting. When you’re waking up and returning to nature everyday, you seem to take a slower pace. We found ourselves spending afternoons sat out in the sun at the campsites just reading and sipping fresh juice, there was no sense that we were missing out, just taking it easy and enjoying our time.

jaye rockett camping dog cockapoo

Easy dog friendly travel.

We took Finn along with us for the ride and honestly it was SO much easier than staying in a hotel or AirBNB with him. He had his own bed, his own little routine and was THRILLED at all the time spent running around outside. No worrying about whether he could join us for meals or having to traipse down multiple floors to take him out for a wee. We had him on a long lead attached to the steps of the motorhome so he could wander in and out of the van as he pleased.

So yeah, maybe I could get on board with this camping thing? Of course, camping in my parents’ motorhome isn’t exactly slumming it, what with the central heating and memory foam mattress but you know, the concept is there!

Are you a fan of camping?