Things Worth Photographing

My days seem to pass in one of two ways. Either I take not a single photo, or I fill my camera roll with a thousand new snaps. There’s rarely any middle ground. After reading Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic last month I’ve definitely been inspired to capture a bit more of the every day. I’ve always been a fan of hunting out and appreciating the magic in every day, so now I’m trying to photograph it too. In the spirit of capturing the beauty in everyday, I pulled together a list of things worth photographing.

Jaye rockett things worth photographing spring bush blooming

The first blooms of early spring.

The curls of steam rising from a hot cup of tea.

Letters, parcels and packages that arrive in the mail.

Baking, cooking and kitchen expeditions.

Your afternoon walk.

Fallen leaves or petals on the pavement.

The first burn of a new candle.

Your favourite piece of clothing.

Jaye Rockett things worth photographing coffee

A quiet moment with a cup of coffee.

A great drive.

The swirls of a bubble bath.

Misty mornings.

Jaye Rockett things worth photographing carrots in the light

Messy hands.

Cosy corners.

A letter as it starts it’s journey through the mail.

An overflowing bag, cupboard or car boot.

Jaye rockett things worth photographing silhouette shadow

Books borrowed from the library.

Unexpected light.

Beach finds.

Moments of quiet intent.

Jaye rockett things worth photographing palm trees blue sky bournemouth beach

What everyday moments do you love to capture?