5 To Buy In March

Another month already, March is always a surprise after the brevity of February. Since last month was so short, instead of my usual roundup of beauty products to buy this month, I thought instead I’d share 5 non-beauty bits to buy in March. They follow a vague theme of being items I think we should all own, and all being items I know I will use a lot in March.

Jaye Rockett Yoga mat lululemon journaling 5 to buy in march

A Great Yoga Mat.

Make March the month you decide to fully commit to movement, whether that’s at home, in a class, or on the beach on a sunny day. Since investing in my Lululemon Yoga Mat, I make a lot more time for yoga, partly because a great mat really enhances your practice, and partly because I spent so much on it I’m trying to get the cost-per-use down. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one, but spend time selecting a mat you love that’s comfortable, easy to roll up and travel with, and in a cute colour too.

Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march magnesium spray

Magnesium Oil Spray.

I’m not sure I’ve ever spoken about my love for magnesium oil on the blog before, despite it having been an essential part of my toolkit for years. Achey limbs, restless legs, period pain, stress, spray some magnesium oil on it. Simply spray on the skin and massage in for instant relief of tension.

Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march lamp candle succulent crystals

Fresh Spring Candles.

Tis the season for fresher, spring-like scents (she says whilst burning yet another cinnamon candle). As part of my early March spring clean I like to switch out all my candles for anything citrus, fruity, floral and light. Most specifically, a ton of Bath and Bodyworks Watermelon Lemonade Candles.

Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march hashtag authentic sara tasker book
Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march hashtag authentic sara tasker book flowers

Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic.

I know I’ve already raved about this one on Instagram, and in this post, but if you’re looking for something to inspire your photography this month, look no further than this book. Packed with wise words, journaling prompts and suggestions on thinking outside the box, it’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to more mindfully document the little moments in life.

Jaye Rockett Fresh Flowers brick wall wildflowers

Fresh Flowers.

I know I’m always banging on about how great it is to have fresh flowers in the house, but that’s because it is! My favourite thing is to buy a big bunch of gorgeous fresh flowers at the beginning of the month, and then as the month goes on arrange them into smaller bouquets around the house. I love visiting my local independent florist for long lasting blooms, but a bunch of supermarket flowers will do the same job.

Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march

What will you be splurging on this month?