Less This, More That

Less comparison, more appreciation.

Instead of ‘no fair, why does she look like that and I don’t, try ‘wow, she looks great’. Instead of ‘I could have done that collaboration better than them’, try ‘what a great opportunity for them, I will continue to work hard to create content that will appeal to brands like that’. There’s a very good reason they call comparison the thief of joy.

Less processed sugar, more natural alternatives.

Instead of chowing down on a chocolate bar as the 2pm munchies hit, try a more natural source of sugary pick me up instead. Fresh fruit (I currently adore apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon), or a herbal tea with a spoonful of honey. I promise, it might not sound as good, but it feeds the craving just the same (and your body better!).

Less aspirational content, more Instagram cat accounts.

Nobody needs to see another out of touch influencer on their 37th holiday of 2019 so far. Everybody needs to see more cats. Try @catssisstant @foliageandfur @fleuralice and @batmanandcoco.

Less scrolling, more engaging.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’, go slower, and really engage with the content you see. Leave heartfelt comments, read captions properly, be present in your social media use.

Less worry, more hope.

Instead of ‘what if this happens’, try ‘I hope this happens’. Changing your mindset is a slow but powerful task. Positive attitude changes are only ever a good thing.

Less clutter, more space.

In your home, in your diary, in your mind. Take out the unnecessary and allow yourself the time and space to move and breathe. Take time to notice what in your life is unnecessary, extraneous clutter, and make way for something greater.

What could you reduce in your life?