Journalling Prompts for Goal Tracking

I feel like the start of the year is always flooded with talk of lofty goals, ambitious resolutions and the things we want to achieve in the following 365 days. What there isn’t a lot of though, is support with keeping on track with your goals throughout the year. I’ve been using journalling techniques for years to keep track of my goals and progress, so I wanted to share some of the prompts that really work for me!

Are you happy with how you’ve spent your time over the last month? How could you better use your time going forward?

This is a great prompt to get you looking at time management, and whether you’re actually carving out enough time to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself. Take the time to look at what you’re getting right AND what you’re getting wrong, and try and come up with a better balance moving forward.

What do I need to meet this goal? Who can help me achieve this goal?

A good one for when you’re stuck. Too often we keep an image in our minds of our goals as being these fuzzy, far away entities that we can’t picture too clearly. By thinking about the tools you need to complete a goal, you’re making it more tangible and achievable. Think about what and who can help you, and set a plan in place to get that help. I like to do this as a kind of mind map!

Why does this goal matter to me?

For when you’re feeling a little lost, why does your goal really matter? Think about why you set the goal in the first place, what motivated you, what the outcomes of achieving your goal will be. A good one for reigniting the spark.

What do you need to be productive?

When productivity is elusive, create a list of your perfect productive environment. Think about how you need to feel, where you need to be, what you can hear, what you need. Assess what makes you productive and then set out to recreate that environment as much as you can.

What does it mean to you to be successful?

This is a great one if you’re not sure what your goals should be, or whether a goal is still relevant to you. Picture what success means to you, and align your goals with these ideals.

What are the challenges I need to face to achieve my goal?

Acknowledging the struggles you may face to achieve your goal is half the battle. Identify any struggles you may face, any weaknesses you have, and make action plans to overcome them. It’s not a problem if you’ve already got a solution lined up.

You get out of journalling what you put in, so I encourage you to grab a notebook, scrap of paper, or the notes app on your phone and really dive deep with some of these!

Have you journalled before?