5 To Buy in February

Another month already! This time I think is the first ever time that one of my 5 To Buy posts hasn’t included makeup! To be fair, it’s been a mostly makeup free few weeks while I’ve been in bed feeling rough, so this month’s picks are strictly skin + haircare related!

If you haven’t seen one of these posts before, it’s basically just a round up of 5 great products that are definitely worth spending your money on!

Ren Radiance Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream.

I’ve mentioned this recently so I will keep this short and sweet. This may just be holy grail morning moisturiser right here, it ticks all my boxes. Lightweight and absorbs fast, intensely hydrating, a sweet orange scent that helps wake the skin up, and a soft base for makeup. Yes, it’s pricey, but my god it’s worth every penny.

Dermalogica PreCleanse (gifted).

This arrived in a glorious parcel just before Christmas from the lovely team at Dermalogica, and while I’ve been seriously impressed with the majority of the products I’ve tried, this has been the real standout for me. The PreCleanse is an oil based makeup remover that just seems to melt makeup off instantly. It’s packed with nourishing oils and one pump of this massaged into the skin makes makeup just lift away. I’ve not been wearing makeup often recently, but when I have I’ve been wearing more than usual, and this doesn’t even blink. It leaves the skin soft with no oily residue, and honestly I think I’m in love.

IGK Cry Baby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum.

A standout haircare product worth the mention, I’ve been using this serum since the beginning of January and woah is this stuff incredible. As someone with naturally curly, frizzy hair, even after straightening my hair can look dry or frizzy, and this stuff is an instant fix. Smoothed onto dry hair, this stuff instantly adds shine, smooths flyaways and makes my hair look so healthy. Definitely one to pick up next time you’re in SpaceNK.

Lush Magic Crystals Shower Scrub.

I’m on my second tub of this now and I love it so much. Formulated with fresh sea salt and epsom salts, this minty scented shower scrub is invigorating and refreshing to boot. It’s a nice mix of finely granulated salts so it’s gritty but not TOO gritty. I’ve mostly been using this on the backs of my arms and they’re SO much smoother. It’s definitely a strong scent so give it a sniff if you’re averse to strong fragrance, but if mint is your bag, you’ll love this.

This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil.

I got this in a Christmas gift set in the Space NK Sale and honestly I’m probably going to need a new one pretty damn soon. As someone who has struggled with sleep and drifting off, every little helps, and the routine of massaging this into my shoulders arms and chest (or better yet, someone else massaging it in for you) combined with the scent has me drifting straight off. Packed with lavender and camomile, it’s non-greasy formula is like being wrapped in a warm hug. It’s all natural goodness, and when I wake up in the morning, I can still smell this on my skin.

There you have it, five great products worth spending your pennies on!

What are you planning on purchasing this month?