Creating That Back To School Feeling As An Adult

Unlike most kids, I always looked forward to going back to school in September. After a summer of fun, I’d always be craving a little brain workout, and I loved that fresh start feeling going back to school brought. As an adult, I still love September, and if anything I get more of that fresh start feeling now than I do in January. With that in mind, I’ve put together some tips for creating that back to school feeling as a real life grown up!

Set yourself achievable goals for the rest of the year. 

Look back at your goals for 2018. What have you achieved? What have you been slacking on? What’s changed? What could you devote more time to? Take some time out to set yourself measurable, actionable, achievable goals for the rest of 2018, and plan out steps to take to achieve them.

Get organised.

It’s the perfect time to have a sort out. Throw out old paperwork, deep clean your kitchen, sort out your wardrobe ready for colder weather. Make to do lists, fix things, get organised!

Treat yourself to a new diary.

Academic year planners start now, so treat yourself to a new planner that gets you excited to be organised. I love the Rifle Paper Co ones that come with checkbox to do lists already – plus they’re gorgeous!

Create a work capsule wardrobe.

A selection of pieces that make you feel fancy and put together, that work well mixed and matched together! Just like buying a new school uniform, having a fresh workwear wardrobe seems to ignite that get-organised feeling.

Spruce up your workspace. 

A change is as good as a rest, or so they say. I like to take everything off my desk and out of the drawers, deep clean everything and then have a move and sort. Print some new photos you love and display them somewhere they’ll make you smile, treat yourself to a new coffee mug, an in tray, some fancy new pens. Pick up a new coaster, file away any old paperwork and get things looking good.

I’ve put together a little widget with some of my favourite picks, because who DOESN’T deserve a little back-to-school-shopping?!

How do you get that back to school feeling as an adult?