Beauty Products I Can’t Wait To Use This Autumn

Autumnal beauty products are always my favourite, I’m into cosy scents, deep berry shades and luxurious feeling products. I feel like come autumn you can get away with heavier creams, woodier scents and deeper shades, and the whole thing is just totally my jam. We’re almost on the cusp of full-blown autumn, and these are the products I’ll be cracking out in celebration.

Lush Plum Rain Shower GelI’m a loyal Lushie when it comes to my shower gels, I love that despite being natural, they have such strong delicious scents, and they last FOREVER. I’m still on my christmas bottle but it’s just about to run out, and I’ve got a bottle of Plum Rain ready for when it does. It’s one of my favourite scents, it’s sweet plum scent is uplifted by notes of mandarin and lemon. Despite being sweet and fruity in scent, it definitely has a warmth to it, and I always gravitate to this scent come autumn!

Bath and Bodyworks Spiced Pumpkin Cider Body Cream. I’ve had this since our trip to New York at Christmas, but I’ve been saving it for autumn! I love the B&BW body creams, they sink in fast despite being thick and luxurious. This scent is just as delicious as it sounds, rich, spicy and sweet!

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. I always pull this mask into rotation when autumn rolls around, my skin just drinks it up. After a summer saturated with warmth and sunshine, my skin always gets a bit of a shock when the temperature drops and the sun vanishes, and ends up really dry and flaky. This mask not only fixes that, it seems to help my skin protect against it better, and really I’m all for that. It also feels incredibly rich and luxurious on the skin, a real Sunday night treat.

Diptyque Eau DuelleMy ultimate winter scent, I crack this out every year as soon as the temperature drops below 16 degrees. It’s warm, woody and vanilla-y, it’s an intense fragrance, but so delicious, and I really associate the scent with autumn winter!

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Antioxidant Protect and Repair MoisturiserI ADORE this moisturiser but it’s just that bit *too* rich for the warm weather. This stuff is like a skin healing balm, it’s intensely hydrating, comforting, and it helps your skin repair + protect itself, your skin becomes better at defending against harsh winds, cold weather and any nasties in the air too.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm. I’m super into this shade of the Glossier Cloud Paints, for me it’s the most wearable + natural shade. It’s nice in the summer patted gently into the cheeks for a little natural flush, but I’m looking forward to colder weather and really building it up to a berry stain.

NARS Blush in Impassioned. I feel a little bad mentioning this one as it was a limited edition, but come autumn I’m just all about this shade. It’s a true dusky nude-y pink, made unique by a lilac-y undertone. It doesn’t look much in the pan but on the cheeks it’s a perfect natural flush that suits autumnal berry lips and chocolate eyes.

Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bali Sands. A recent addition to my makeup wardrobe, this is a true bronzer – no contour here. I love how subtle this is, it just adds a warm sheen to the skin that I think will really help warm the skin up when my tan fades!

MAC Constructivist Paint PotI can’t believe this hasn’t dried out yet, but I crack this Paint Pot out every Autumn/Winter as my go to one-and-done eye colour. Swipe this all over the lids and you get this deep chocolate bronze smokey eye in SECONDS. Can’t wait to wear this with massive lashes and a nude lip.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love LibertyUgh, my one true berry lip love. The CT Matte Revolution lipsticks are my favourite matte formula, all the staying power of a great matte lipstick, but they’re so much softer and more comfortable on the lips. They’re not drying and they apply smoothly without any dragging. Love Liberty is a gorgeous berry that’s pink enough in undertones that it doesn’t look too stark on the lips.

Can you tell I’m excited for autumn? Do you have products you’re looking forward to cracking out this autumn?