Homeware To Splurge On

If you’re anything like me, there will come a time when you finally move from your parent’s place, or rented furnished accommodation, to your own home which all of a sudden looks decidedly empty. Furnishing an entire home in one go can feel like a mammoth, expensive task, and often it is. I did a post last year on sticking to a budget when furnishing your home, as well as some tips on where to save, but today I wanted to talk a bit about the other end of the spectrum, the homeware to splurge on where you can!

Good quality bedding. Bedding is something we take VERY seriously in our house. I always wanted our bedroom to be an oasis of calm, a space that encouraged comfort + sleep. We spent big on our duvet and pillows, because we wanted to be as comfortable as possible, and all our sheets are egyptian cotton too. It felt a bit icky at the time, handing over so much money on something so small, but we’ve never looked back. Our bed is a veritable nest of comfort, and when you spend so much time in it, I think that’s important!

Soft furnishings. I think the soft furnishings around a home are what make the place feel cosy + homely. We have a lot of big cushions around the house, on chairs, on the sofa, on the bed, blankets everywhere, including a basket full of them in the lounge. Most of the blankets are West Elm, I love their soft cotton blankets, and I’ve picked up cushions from Made, John Lewis, Homesense, etc.

Side TablesWeirdly, side tables have been an area we’ve really chosen to splurge on. It was inadvertent to start with but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. We have three ‘main’ side tables, a West Elm number in the lounge, and another in the dining room, and a John Lewis tray table in the hall. They were all pricey purchases but honestly worth every penny. We really struggled to find cheaper alternatives that looked good and were sturdy, and honestly they’re an extension of the decor, a fun way to express you personality a little more. They don’t have to have to have the practical elements of say a coffee table or dining table, they can be quirky, fun and decor in their own right. They tend to be more versatile than a table too, when you tire of them just change their location, or what’s on them!

Lighting. Lighting makes all the difference, especially in bigger rooms. I very rarely turn the main lights on anywhere bar the kitchen in our house, in the evenings I mostly rely on low level lamplight and candles. I love the cosy, hyggeligt atmosphere low light provides, it feels much more homey and romantic. We’ve splurged on a few lamps in our lounge, and we’re on the hunt for a few more for around the house, I love beautiful low lighting!

A sofa. Seems like kind of an obvious one, but we dropped a big chunk of our budget on a sofa when we moved. We wanted something big to fill the space, but also we sat on approximately 392859 sofas before we found one comfortable enough. We had a crap sofa in the London flat and as a result NEVER used our lounge, it just wasn’t comfortable. This one though, is fantastic, it’s big, snuggly, and on rainy Sundays and sick days, we move the coffee table, and rearrange the pieces into essentially a giant bed. Worth every penny.

Chairs. Following on from the sofa, I know this seems like an obvious one but we’ve spent a lot in the flat on cosy comfortable chairs. We shelled out on a Made armchair for the living room, I invested a lot in my West Elm Desk Chair and we’ve just ordered new chairs for the dining room table. I want cosy reading nooks, a dining room table that guests sit around for hours chatting, and spots where I can sit with a cup of tea and just take a moment. Most importantly, I want a comfy butt, so we’ve invested a lot into that!

Decorating your home can be stressful, and certainly expensive, but I really love finding a balance between the pricier pieces and bargains!

What did you invest in in your home?