An August To Do List

I’m going to dive straight in to this August To Do list without commenting too much on the passing time because, honestly, it’s stressing me out how quickly this year is going. I’ve got a bit of a random to do list for the month of August, but I feel like it covers a lot of bases!

Organise a family barbecue. I hate to say it but the end of Summer is on the horizon, and Con and I still haven’t had everyone over for the christening of our new terrace balcony! We’re thinking a casual family night in, cheese, wine and barbecue!

Clean out my office. I’ve always loved September and that ‘back to school’ feeling, if anything I’m more motivated by September than January 1st. I want to really deep clean and declutter my office this month, to get it ready for that back-to-school motivational spike.

Finish a few online courses. I recently signed up for a few free courses on the Open University, and I’m excited to make time for those this month. I love learning, and I want to keep myself used to it so when I go back to Uni to do my Masters it’s not too much of a readjustment!

Go on some photo walks. One of my favourite activities, and one I haven’t made much time for recently. I love heading out with my camera on a ramble, whether it’s somewhere different or familiar, and trying to see the walk through the camera lens. Aside from being fun, it really gets your creative juices going, looking at things from a photography point of view!

Set some goals for the rest of 2018. I’m lucky to have a really motivated group of gal pals who are really supportive, and we’re working together right now to push each other with work and business. I want to set some work goals for the rest of the year to give me something to work towards, I’m hoping having people to keep me accountable will help!

Have a cocktail night! We’ve got a fully stocked bar cart we don’t use nearly enough, so I’m excited to have some gal pals over one night this month to do some cocktail making and experimenting!

Keep writing. I’ve been writing again recently for the first time in forever, I want to really push myself this month to get my word count up! I’d like to get something together to pass on to my writer friends for feedback by the end of the summer.

Plan our Christmas trip. I hate to mention the C word already, but after the success of our Christmas trip to New York last year, we’re planning another Christmas vacation for 2018. We’ve batted a few ideas around, but it’s time to sit down and make some firm plans!

Keep working out! There’s a phrase you never thought you’d here from me! I joined a gym last month and I’ve actually been really enjoying it. My goal for August is one gym sesh, one swim and one class a week, wish me luck!

What’s on your August to do list?