My Favourite Things About Summer 2018 So Far

Now if I’ve mentioned it once here, I’ve mentioned it a hundred times, I’m not a summer gal. I’m not into sticky heat, busy towns and wasps everywhere, I’m more a cosy up on the sofa with a good book kinda gal. But since getting on the plane to Australia at the beginning of February, I’ve been in some kind of bizarre perpetual summer, not only did I miss winter here, skipping it for the balmy heat of Sydney and Dubai, the weather in the UK since getting home has been FANTASTIC, and I can count on one hands the number of times since then I’ve experienced rain.

So all that being said, I’ve actually LOVED this summer so far! It’s been a great few months, not least because I’ve finished my treatment so I’m probably feeling better than I have in the last two years! I wanted to share with you some of the reasons this summer has been so great, perhaps to give you a little Summer to do list inspo, or to maybe convert you, if, like me, you’ve always been an autumn/winter gal!

Cocktails in the sun. Maybe this is a silly thing to have listed all on it’s own, but I’ve really come to appreciate the pub garden, the pop up bar, the cocktail sipped on the balcony this year. I think this started in Dubai, I got so used to sipping cocktails by the pool, I was looking for ways to recreate that feeling back home. There’s few pleasures in life like sitting out in the sun, sharing cocktails and gossip with friends!

Travel. It’s fair to say I think, that this has been a pretty mega travel year for us. Six weeks in Sydney, followed up by a week in Dubai, long weekends in London and Cambridge, and a week in Mallorca, we’ve been sun chasing all over the place. We didn’t travel much while we were at Uni, we lacked the time and money, so we’ve certainly made up for it since! Before summer ends we’ve got a weekend in Wiltshire coming up for a friend’s wedding, as well as another long weekend in London, so I’m excited for a little more travel!

Beach days. Moving back to Bournemouth after four years in London has given me a new found appreciation for the gorgeous beaches where I live. Our flat is literally a ten minute walk from the sandy coast (way better than Brighton!), and usually our trips were limited to ‘someone’s come to visit and wants to go to the beach’ which is really, such a waste. This summer though, we’ve been popping down for a dip in the sea after going to the gym, spending the last of the afternoon sun on the sand after work on a Monday, and packing up snacks and drinks and whiling away a Sunday on the beach. I adore it.

Making the most of weeknights. Something about the evenings being light til late reminds me it is actually possible to do things when the working day is done. Coffee dates with my gal pals, sneaky drinks at a new bar with my blogging friends, an evening spent on the beach and long rambly skype dates with my long distance friends, I’ve reclaimed my evenings and it feels so good!

Exploring home. My new found energy paired with long summer nights seem to have given me an influx of time to fill, and we’ve been making a conscious effort to explore home a little more. Visiting local castles, picking fresh berries in the countryside, scoping out the new street art that’s popping up all over town, attending restaurant openings and finding new brunch spots. It’s definitely been a summer of exploring so far and I’m loving it.

Having a tan. I know this seems like a silly thing to mention, but after six months in the sun, I’m the most tanned I’ve ever been in my life. I’m usually the lightest shade of pale imaginable, so this is a real thing for me, and I feel like I’m looking pretty healthy, which is a nice feeling!

Making new friends. I’ve always had a lot of anxieties around social situations and meeting new people, but since my therapy sessions last year I’ve felt a lot more confident! We’ve made a fair few couple friends this summer, but I’ve also met a few pals close to home who are bloggers and freelancers too, it’s nice to have a community of likeminded folk around me!

What have been your highlights of Summer 2018 so far?