The Importance of Plan Free Days

I am a big fan of plan free days. So much so, I try to have at least one a week. It seems crazy, to leave one whole day a week free from plans, obligations, to dos, but I’m dedicated to them. I’ve been turning down plans, missing out on events, all in the name of regular no-plan days. I bloody love them, and here’s why you should too.

Time to catch up. Inevitably, you’ll get to the end of the week and you’ll have run out of time for something. Whether that’s the washing load that’s piling up, whether you haven’t popped in on your parents like you promised, or you just need a little more time to finish a project, having a day of the week without anything planned is like a safety net to get things done.

Mental headspace. We spend so much of our time in the week running from one job, one task, one meeting to the next. We all need regular plan-free days to have a breather from it all. When was the last time you spent a couple of hours doing nothing at all, and not feeling guilty about it.

Time for want to dos, not must dos. That coffee shop you always say you’ll pop into, the recipe you keep meaning to try, the book you want to finish. You have time for all these things in your plan free days.

Time to catch up with your loved ones. Often I’m so busy with work, catching up with friends, hitting a yoga class, doing the food shop, that I don’t actually have time to just sit with a glass of wine and chat with my loved ones, without a schedule to stick to or a reason. I use my plan free days to have leisurely breakfasts with Con, evening drinks with our parents, or just to companionably do not much of anything together.

When was the last time you had a plan free day?