A Day In London: Handbag Essentials

As an ex-Londoner (who definitely still feels like a Londoner at heart) I like to think I have packing for a day in the city down to heart. My days in the city are usually longer than they were when I lived there, as I try to cram as much into a trip as possible, and so I need a little more than I usually would for a day out, but I really feel like I’ve streamlined the contents of my bag down to the essentials. After my trip to the city last month, I spilled the contents of my handbag to show you my ride or die London handbag essentials.

The non-negotiables.

It’s a given that I take my phone (that coffee ain’t gonna gram itself), but I also carry a pretty beastie portable charger, as well as my plug in wall charger, because you’d better bet I can go throw three full phone batteries on a day in the city. I keep all my charging necessities in a little drawstring Diptyque pouch, and it’s probably the thing in my bag that gets the most use.

My Mulberry purse is a necessity of course, stuffed to the brim with store cards, railcards, loose change and of course, my Starbucks card. I used to just carry the ‘essentials’ in a card wallet, but having been caught short without my brow loyalty card after an impromptu appointment, or my Oliver Bonas discount card when I’ve  fallen in love with something in the store window, I just carry the lot now.

The entertainment.

I tend to carry my iPad with me on London trips nowadays, as it works as a book for on the tube, something to watch on the train, and somewhere to take notes in a meeting, without me having to carry three different things. I just carry my Apple headphones rather than my big Beats noise cancelling ones, mainly because they take up less room.

The beauty bits. 

Hand sanitizer is a must, deodorant and a travel perfume rollerball also help. London is hot, dirty and sweaty, and anything that can help is welcome. I carry my lipstick, powder, a mini concealer and a blush for makeup touchups, I generally find that those four products can revive my makeup whatever the state. I recently picked up a mini Real Techniques multitask brush for this very purpose, and it’s turned out to be the perfect handbag brush. I also carry my mini DryBar Hairbrush, as my hair tends to get pretty tangly throughout the day. I keep hairbands wrapped around the handle for the inevitable point in the day where I give up and want my hair off my face.

The snacks. 

I ALWAYS carry cereal bars when I go to London for the day, because I always seem to get stuck in traffic, delays on the train or an under-catered event that leaves me starving. My favourite ones are the Jordan’s Apple and Cinnamon ones, because they give me a bit of a sugar boost when I’m flagging. I also carry my Chilly water bottle, to refill without the day so I’m not using plastic bottles.

The comforters.

A pair of flip flops and a pack of Compeed blister plasters for when my feet have had enough. A light scarf for when the train home gets too chilly. Pain killers just in case (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to buy ibuprofen when I have loads at home), and, a bit gross, but a nasal spray for in case hayfever strikes.

And that’s the contents of my bag! What do you carry for a day in the city?