Goals + Intentions for July

A new month is upon us again, and this time I spent a while thinking carefully about the goals and intentions I wanted to set for July. We’re halfway through the year and I wanted to really think about where I’d like to be at the end of the year, and the steps I need to take this month to get there.

Goal and intention setting can feel a little tricky, but I find I feel a lot more fulfilled when I reach the end of the month knowing I’ve achieved something, however small, towards them.

This month I have two main intentions I want to follow.

I prioritise my health.

I’ve made a lot of progress with my health so far in 2018, but I know I can still do more. This month my intention is to carve out more time to work towards optimum mental and physical health. To do that, I’ve set four simple goals for July:

  • Keep attending Sunday morning yoga.
  • Cook great food + prep nutritious lunches.
  • Make time to meditate daily.
  • Move intentionally everyday.

I feed my creativity.

I am naturally a creative person, but my health issues have stopped me from spending time being creative. This month I want to make a conscious effort to be more creative, both at work, and in my downtime. My goals for this are a little more time consuming, but I think they will be worth it.

  • Journal more.
  • Take my DSLR out on walks.
  • Jot down things that inspire me.
  • Take a Skillshare class.

What are your goals and intentions for July?