Things I Do To Prepare for a Holiday

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but man the prep can be stressful. I’m lucky enough to travel frequently for work and pleasure, but it’s taken a long time to take the stress out of the run up to a holiday. Today I wanted to share the things I do to prepare for a holiday, in the hopes it’ll help make travel easier for you too!

The holiday admin.

I know, I know, you can have everything on your phone these days, but I’m an old soul and I like to have a backup. In my travel wallet I keep my boarding passes, visas, hotel booking confirmation, EHIC card, travel insurance documents, anything else that might be important. A week or so before I travel I check my travel insurance is still in date, make sure any visas I need are set, and print everything. It’s nice to have the peace of mind of knowing you have everything, and it’s come in handy a few times.

Beauty maintenance. 

It may be high maintenance, but I like to get a little pampering underway before a trip. I get my nails done every three weeks anyway, so I try and time that with just before my trip. I’ll treat myself to a pre-holiday pedicure if it’s a beach-y kinda trip, and I usually try to get my brows done. I always think if I’m not wearing makeup on holiday, having recently threaded and tinted brows helps me look a little more put together.


Swimwear splurge.

I tend to replace my swimwear quite quickly, just because I find no matter how much you spend, it looks tired and worn quite quickly. I treat myself to a new bikini before most beach holidays now, they don’t have to cost much, but when you spend 80% of your holiday in it, it’s worth every penny!

Do a food shop.

The one thing I ALWAYS do the day before a trip, is place a food shop order to be delivered a few hours after I get home. I’m usually craving home cooked food by the time I get home, and I definitely don’t have the energy post food shop to brave the supermarket.

Miniature hoarding.

I’m all about the beauty minis. Deluxe travel sizes, gift with purchases, samples, I have a whole stash of my favourite products in miniature form. As soon as I know I have a trip coming up, I keep my eye out for any minis I need to fill the gaps in my collection!


Ugh, the B word. I’ve never been great with money, but over the last few trips I’ve started setting budgets and being a little more mindful of my holiday spending. I’ll take out a little cash, but I mostly just use my Monzo card. I transfer my holiday ‘allowance’ onto my Monzo card and use that for the trip, it helps me keep an up to date eye on what I’m spending, and I don’t needlessly lose money to transaction and exchange fees.

Get the house in order.

If I’m away for anything longer than a weekend, I like to have someone check in on our home. Someone to make sure parcels aren’t piled up outside the door, my plant babies are okay, and the place is generally safe. I hate the idea of our place looking empty for too long, so I’ll ask a friend to spend an evening or two there (offering up the contents of my well stocked bar cart as payment), so people are seen coming and going. It’s also helpful in the winter months to have someone pop in and turn the heating on the day before you get back! I also do a deep clean before I go away, take the bins out, pop the dishwasher on, make sure I have a clean set of sheets ready to go, so when we get home we are coming back to a clean + tidy house!

What’s on your holiday prep list?