My Favourite Coffee Shop: South Coast Roast

Looking through the archives, I realised I have spoken about South Coast Roast before, but it was a while ago, and since then it’s become my local coffee spot. We took our friends Kelly & her husband Joe down for breakfast this month, and it seemed like the perfect excuse to snap some photos and tell you about my favourite coffee house.

Obviously the star of the show at South Coast Roast is the coffee! They have their own roastery, and their coffee has a really fresh taste. It’s pretty strong, certainly not for the faint of heart, but delicious. Their flat whites and lattes are delicious, but I’m pretty partial to their dirty chai’s. I started drinking dirty chais in Australia, and the South Coast Roast dirty chai is the best one I’ve found back home. I also appreciate that they have oat milk, as a dairy-free coffee drinker, it’s my favourite milk alternative.

Sunday morning breakfast at South Coast Roast has become a bit of a thing, especially since they added their Bondi Breakfast to the menu. With meaty, veggie and vegan options, it’s honestly the breakfast of champions. Sourdough topped with smashed avo, roasted tomatoes, rocket, pickles, chilli jam, and then eggs and chorizo for the meat eaters, eggs and halloumi for the veggies, and mushrooms and spiced corn fritters for the vegans. Everything is so fresh and delicious – I’m obsessed with their chilli jam, and I challenge you to finish the portion!

So basically, if you ever find yourself in Bournemouth, head to South Coast Roast. The staff are friendly, they play some great tunes, and they’re dog people too, so even Finn gets to come along! It’s my favourite place for Sunday morning brunch, coffee with friends, or to sit with my laptop and get some work done!

Do you have a favourite coffee shop?