My Travel Haircare Staples

Travel haircare has always been a bit of a nightmare for me. Wild unruly curls prone to frizz don’t go will with a restricted baggage allowance. It would be fair to say that the first half of 2018 has been pretty travel heavy for me, and over the last few trips I’ve really honed in on my travel haircare lineup, and I think I have it nailed.

Addressing the basics first, I pretty much always travel with my GHD travel hairdryer, and my straighteners. I know most hotels have hairdryers, but after so many experiences with crappy strength hairdryers that do very little, I’ve started bringing this everywhere. It folds up pretty compact and really doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase, and it packs all the punch of my hairdryer at home. I tend to travel with my straighteners over a curling wand, mostly just because I like to have the option of straight or curly hair. I have a mini hairbrush from DryBar that’s perfect for taking away, it has full sized bristles so it’s perfect for taming the main despite it’s petite size, but it’s also handy to chuck in your pool bag for post swim detangling.

For most travel I’m not SUPER bothered about what shampoo I use, I tend to just decant whatever I have on the go in the shower. For beachy holidays though, when I know I’ll be in and out of the pool or sea, I like to take the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo. This is a do-it-all kinda shampoo, it cleanses, hydrates and leaves hair feeling soft, light and tousled.

For conditioner, I just decant whatever I have on the go, but I like to take some kind of leave in conditioner, heat protectant combo. Right now I’m using this mini Drybar Prep Rally Spray, which I love. It contains biotin, blocks UV rays and acts as a heat protectant, so it does everything you could want. It’s super dinky too so it’ll be a good one to refill!

Also from Drybar, I tend to carry a mini of their Triple Sec Dry Shampoo which doubles as a texturiser if I need it. I don’t use it often but I always find if I don’t take a dry shampoo, I end up needing one.

As far as styling goes, I tend to just take my IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, because it’s bloody brilliant. I apply it to damp hair and let it air dry for relaxed, tousled curls, or style for smooth locks with a bit of hold. I take a little of this and run it through the ends of second day hair to smooth flyaways. I run it through the lengths of straightened hair to mess it up a little, add a little body and texture.

For beach holidays, I also chuck in my Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, mostly because it’s handy for spritzing in post-swim hair to make it a little more presentable for lunch!


What are your travel haircare essentials?