Embracing Pink Eyeshadow + Tips For Making It Work

Here’s a blog post title I never thought I’d be writing! For the longest time, pink eyeshadow has been the kind of nightmare that reminded me of cheap makeup palettes shaped like phones from the 00’s. Surely pink eyeshadow can only end one way, with you looking at best like you haven’t had enough sleep, at worst, have pink eye.

It all changed for me though when I saw the new Marc Jacobs Eye Conic Eye Shadow Palette in Fantascene. It’s a thing of beauty and I knew I had to have it, because, I mean, just look at it. Shout out to my girl Kelly, who lugged this back from Buffalo for me, what a babe.

Pink eyeshadow is certainly not for the faint of heart, and it’s taken some experimenting, but I’ve fallen head over heels for this palette in the few days I’ve had it, and I just HAD to sing it’s praises.

So first – the palette itself. You’ve got seven multi finish shades in the slimline palette, a good mix of mattes and irridescent shimmers, as well as one full on glitter shade that really sold the palette to me. The quality is as I’ve come to expect of Marc Jacobs Palettes, super pigmented shadows that do have a little fallout in the pan, but blend easily and last all day on the lids. One point I will make is I try not to travel with these palettes, as the powders are prone to busting out in transit. But on the whole, it’s a great palette, I love the fact that they’ve included a nude, as well as a darker shade to line or deepen the crease that ISN’T black, so many brands just shove a black in. It’s pricey sure, but you get your money’s worth here.

So, how do we take the palette of dreams, and turn it’s pink shades wearable?

Keep the rest of your makeup simple, and flawless. 

I’m talking flawless base, a nude lip, simple cheeks, let the eyes be the statement. The pink tones on the eyes can draw out redness in the skin, or make pinky blemishes standout more, so I like to go for a natural finish foundation, and use a high coverage concealer where I need it to keep things looking perfect. I use a setting powder that has a soft focus effect, like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, MAC Lightscapade or the Chanel Les Beiges powder.

Stick to your colour palette.

Now’s not the time for a bold red lip or a coral blush. I pick out a nude lip and a pinky blush in similar shades, and opt for those instead, it pulls the look together whilst making everything look polished and subtle.

Blend, blend and blend again.

The key to any good eyeshadow look, but taking your time to really blend the shades out will make the difference between eyeshadow that looks off, and eyeshadow that looks great. Keep a clean fluffy brush on hand to really blend out each shadow as you apply it.

Use taupes or purples in the crease.

Taupes with similar undertones work well with these kind of pinks, and can turn a look from ‘woah pink eyeshadow’ to an enviable eye. Work a light taupe into the crease, or take a berry toned brown in for a bit more oomph.

Liner and lashes.

I really think a pink eyeshadow looks best with a good liner and lashings of mascara. Whether that’s taking a dark shadow shade like a berry toned brown along the upper lash line, and along the outer third of the bottom lash line, a little brown pencil smudged into the waterline, or black liquid liner, the combination of liner and thick lashes really pulls everything together.


So what do you think, have I convinced you to try pink eyeshadow?