6 Spring Wardrobe Updates

Coming back from Australia really was a turning point for me in terms of getting organised. I felt sparked up and ready to sort out my house, my business and my life in general I suppose. I think taking six weeks out of normal life really helped me to realise what I want my life to look like in a broad sense, but also gave me the motivation to have a big ol’ life sort out.

Part of that was a big declutter and spring clean at the flat, and my wardrobe probably took the biggest hit of all. I realised I was probably only wearing about 30% of the clothes in my closet, and so armed with some giant IKEA bags I got rid of everything that didn’t suit me, was past it’s best or I just never wore.

Whilst I was happy with the clothes left behind, I also felt there were a few gaps, particularly for a few spring summer appropriate pieces, so I’ve done a lil shopping recently and thought I’d share my new favourite spring wardrobe updates, the trends I’m embracing this season and some suggestions on how you can make them work too.


I never thought these would be coming around again, but gone are the straight legged low slung linen numbers of the past, and here to stay are high waisted cigarette pants, cullotte-style three quarter lengths and paper bag tie waist trousers all made from lightweight, breathable linen. They can be dressed up or down, they’re comfortable and not too hot, and they make a nice alternative to jeans all day everyday. This pair from Stradivarius via ASOS is my favourite, but I also have this ASOS Tall pair and a pair from Zara too.



When jumpsuits first had their resurgence, I struggled to find any built for my body shape, generally finding them to be too short, too tight on the bust or too baggy. Now though, there are so many options out there, and I’ve become a big fan of the jumpsuit. They’re just easy, a whole outfit without much thought. I have a few from Zara, the one pictured above was a Primark find, and I’ve actually found a few gems in TKMaxx too. Mango is next on my hitlist, they’ve got so many cute ones on their website.


I’ve been curating a little collection of midi skirts for a while now, but more often than not they sit unworn because I’m not sure what to pair them with. Recently though, I’ve been reaching for them more and more, paired with cute camis on hot days and thin knits when the weather’s cooler. I’m especially obsessed with this floral number I picked up in Aus in H&M, despite the dark colours the florals are so spring-like!



I’ve been a strictly monochrome wardrobe kinda gal for years now, but recently I’ve been accumulating more and more red in my wardrobe, and I’m actually really liking it. Perhaps it’s just because with a tan I feel like I can get away with it, but more and more I’m reaching for red tees, skirts with pops of red, a red stripe, and this Whistles Sweater that I’m obsessed with.




I’m under no illusions despite the balmy weather we’ve been having this week, spring in England is not all sunshine and strappy dresses. I love a good knit as much as the next gal, but never ended up reaching for them come spring since most of the ones I own are chunky and a bit too warm. I picked up this block stripe knit in H&M a few weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since. It’s super soft, lightweight and I love the pink + red combination.



I never thought I’d be a fan of these but there we go. Since getting my light pink Chloe Drew bag, I haven’t stopped using it, I’m obsessed with the soft pink leather and the gold hardware. It goes with more than I expected, and I blooming love it. If you’re not usually a pastel kinda gal, a pastel bag can be a fun way to embrace the trend without risking the marshmallow look.

There are a lot of flash sales on at the moment, so updating your wardrobe for a new season doesn’t have to cost the earth. I keep an eye out for discount codes and weekend sales, as well as the latest deals on Groupon, where you can find savings on brands like Schuh and Nike, to save a few pennies.
How are you updating your wardrobe for spring?
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