Beating the Sunday Night Blues

I can’t be the only one susceptible to the Sunday night blues! You know the ones that hit normally just after breakfast on Sunday, where you realise your precious weekend is slipping away before your eyes and in under 24 hours you’ll be back at your desk? I used to find Sundays hard, Sunday felt like a depressing preamble to Monday, getting the chores and weekly errands done before the week ahead, whilst being acutely aware that you’re wasting your precious time off. Well, not anymore! I wanted to share my tips for beating those Sunday night blues with you, so you can learn to love Sundays too!

Take chores off your to do list. This is probably the change that’s had the most impact on my Sunday happiness, banning chores from Sundays. I try to keep on top of the house throughout the week by splitting up most tasks and spreading them out (run the hoover round Mondays, take the bins out Tuesdays, dust Wednesdays, etc etc), but I’ve moved the big jobs to Saturday morning. I get up, have a coffee, clean the bathrooms and the kitchens, chuck a washing load on. It doesn’t take long, but it gets it out of the way at the beginning of the weekend, so I can spend Sundays doing more fun tasks.

Get outside. I love a lazy Sunday as much as the next gal, but I always find I feel better about my Sunday if I’ve at least spent a little time outside. Connor and I have gotten into the habit of taking a walk on a Sunday morning for our first coffee of the day. Even if it’s cold, we just wrap up warm and either do the short walk to town, or the slightly longer walk to an out of town favourite of ours, pick up our coffees in our Keep Cups and drink them on the walk back. It feels good to get a bit of movement and fresh air in at the beginning of the day.

Prep lunches for the week. When I’m cooking dinner on a Sunday, I tend to chuck a few extra bits in the oven that I can have throughout the week. It’s minimal effort on my part – I’m cooking anyway – but it means I know that even though I’m back at work Monday, I’ve got a good lunch to look forward to.

Make plans for the week. I find the prospect of ‘back to work’ much less daunting when I’ve got something fun in the diary for midweek. It can be something as simple as an after work cuppa with a friend, or maybe it’s a date night plan, or a blog event. Whatever it is, having a few things in the diary for the week that aren’t work makes it a little more exciting.

Do a ‘one day’ task. Does anyone else have a list of tasks they’d like to get around to ‘one day’? I’ve been trying to do one each Sunday, so I feel like I’ve achieved something. It could be as small as doing the crossword in your new magazine, making a dent in that book you picked up six months ago, printing out some recent photos, or reorganising that shelf in your living room. I always feel better on Sunday night if I’ve ticked off one of these tasks!

Have some chill out time. There’s no sense in a Sunday spent rushed off your feet. Whilst I might nip out in the morning, I like having some shut off time in the afternoon, to catch up on Netflix, flick through a magazine, read a book, do a little yoga. Monday is a lot easier when you’re feeling well rested.

Pamper yourself! How better to start the new week than rested, refreshed and pampered. Sunday nights were made for long hot bubble baths with a face mask and a glass of wine. I like to use my Sunday evenings for a little pampering maintenance, a hair mask in the bath, a good mini facial, a fresh coat of polish in my toes. Ready to approach Monday with a spring in my step!

How do you beat the Sunday night blues?