The Beauty Products That Got Me Through a 25 Hour Flight

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know by now that I’m actually in Sydney! It  was a SUPER last minute trip, and to be honest, I’d never really had Aus on my radar for travel, so the fact I know find myself here for five weeks is still a little baffling!

I think one of the main reasons Australia has never really appeared high on my travel bucket list, is that it’s just SO bloody far. Whilst I’m not an anxious flyer, I do get a little claustrophobic on long haul flights, so the idea of 25 hours travel to get here has always been pretty offputting.

And I’m not gonna lie, the flight was totally brutal, I’m in no hurry to repeat it (very glad we don’t leave for another five weeks), but there were a few beauty products that helped get me through all 25 hours of travel, and so I figured they deserved a little spotlight.

Simple Cleansing Face Wipes: Usually I’m vehemently against face wipes but needs must on planes. I never wear makeup when I travel, but I like to have these on hand so I can freshen up my skin throughout the flight without having to navigate a tiny airplane bathroom. By about hour 14 I was using them for occasional freshening on my arms and chest too, it helped me feel a little less grim when we finally got off the plane.

Sure Aloe Vera Roll OnKinda self explanatory here. Although I wouldn’t usually top up my deodorant multiple times in a 24 hour period, I found reaching for this every eight hours or so helped me maintain the illusion I wasn’t entirely disgusting.

Optrex Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: I have super sensitive eyes, and air conditioning for prolonged periods of time usually has me wanting to rip my eyeballs out. This stuff is great because it just helps stop your eyes from getting super itchy, and also makes you look less red-eyed by the end of the flight.

Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Cream: Following the eye theme, I’m quite prone to puffy, red under eyes post flight, so I depotted a little of my fave Kiehl’s eye cream for the flight (and I’ll be using this throughout our trip in general). It’s super calming and hydrating, and the thickest eye cream I’ve ever tried. Basically, it does the job.

Tarte Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue PatchesI picked these up in New York and had been saving them for a real under eye emergency and I definitely think this qualified. I popped these on around the 14 hour mark and probably left them on for the best part of an hour. They are super cooling and hydrating too, and offered a little relief to my tired under eyes. Only downside is they’re pretty expensive to purchase as they only come in packs of two! Any eye mask would do though – I’ve got the Sephora ones for the flight home!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask: My in flight best friend. Super thick and hydrating, I slathered this on twice throughout the flight, partly to hydrate and partly to act as a barrier between my skin and the air conditioning. It did the job and my skin actually felt pretty good when I got off the plane.

Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com: You know the drill on this stuff. Super thick and hydrating, and I always prefer stick or tube lip balms for on the go, they feel a little more hygenic.

Biofreeze Roll On: A saviour for aching muscles. I rolled this over my shoulders and IT band to just take the edge off that cooped up feeling!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: For nerves and helping me drift off in a steel tube with 868 other people on board.

I’m in no hurry to repeat the flight but I’m glad I’ve got these bits on board for the return journey!

What are your long haul flight essentials?


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