Beauty Products I Regret Buying

Hopping straight in here with a harsh title but it’s not all sunshine and daisies when it comes to beauty products. It’s not often that I’m disappointed in a product, I do a lot of research before purchasing so I tend to have a good idea of whether I’m going to like something, but occasionally I get a little buyers remorse. Recently there have been a few products that have stood out to me for that reason, I don’t necessarily dislike all these products but for one reason or another, I do regret buying them!

Let’s hit the ground running with a product I bought against my pen better judgement shall we? When the Origins Maskimiser came out I scoffed and thought it was a total gimmick. Then I found it for a third off in the Cosmetic Company Outlet and bought it anyway. My problem with this product is that it honestly just doesn’t seem to do anything at all. You’re supposed to spray it liberally onto the skin before applying a face mask to help increase the effects of the mask, but honestly it just doses nothing. I’ve tried it with all of my favourite masks and nada, so this has sat unloved in my bathroom for a good six months or so. I’ll be chucking this out because I’d honestly feel bad selling it/passing it on to someone!

Another skincare purchase, but this is one I actually like, the Kiehl’s Tumeric and Canberry Seed Energizing Radiance Facemask. I like this mask and it’s effects – I even mentioned it in my recent favourite face mask roundup, my problem with this stems from the fact it’s just SO messy, I never use it. Not only does this mask end up in your hair, up your nose, in your mouth, it also makes a total mess of my bathroom too, the seeds never go down the drain properly and flannels are never quite the same after I use them with this. It’s a lovely mask, I just wish it wasn’t quite so messy!

Now I know it’s a total taboo to speak ill of Glossier, but I have a lot of buyers remorse around their Cloud Paints. As far as cream blushes go these are gorgeous, pigmented, pretty colours that blend super easily on the skin. I just don’t know why I bought them since I NEVER use cream blushes. They’re just messy and don’t last as long on my skin, and I knew that before I bought these, so I’m not sure why I wasted my money on these. I try to still use these regularly but it always feels like a chore and I’m really not about that.

Another product well loved in the beauty world, the Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. Every woman and their goat seems to love this dry shampoo but on me no matter what I do it leaves a thick white cast in the hair. It does a fantastic job at making the hair feel clean and fresh, but at the price of looking like a 90 year old woman. I much prefer the Colab dry shampoos and with those you can expect change from a fiver, not to be out the best part of $25.

And lastly the Ouai Wave Spray, another cult favourite touted as the stuff dreamy bedheads are made of. I really don’t get this product, no matter how I try to use this it does nothing except make my hair sticky. I’ve tried using it on dry and damp hair, spraying it directly onto the hair or rubbing it in with my hands and no matter what I’m just left with weird sticky clumps in my hair. No thanks!

Have you been disappointed with any beauty products recently?

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