Where To Splurge and Where To Save This Christmas

There’s no denying that Christmas is an expensive time of year, decor and gifts and nights out and a turkey – it all adds up until you’re swearing off going out at all in January. Now, January is depressing enough as it is without spending the month indoors, so today I’m rounding up my guide on where it’s worth a splurge and where to save your money this Christmas.


Little bits of home decor. You know the Christmas trinkets, the pot pourri, fairy lights and the candles? The little bits that make your home feel cosy and festive at Christmas? Well everywhere sells them now, so they really don’t have to cost the earth. My porcelain Santa + white and gold acorn were both £6 from Homesense, and whilst I was there I stocked up on wintery candles. I collected pinecones in the forest and popped them in a bowl on the coffee table. Sainsbury’s, Homesense, your local garden centres, head to these places first!

Base Baubles + Tree Garlands. As far as I’m concerned there are two categories of baubles, your ‘base baubles’ which set up your colour scheme and pad out your Christmas tree, and then your ‘fancy baubles’ which are the pretty, unique ones that you’ve collected. Base baubles though needn’t cost a fortune, Homebase sells packs of 36 metallic baubles for £4, and in Sainsbury’s I found mini metallic baubles, mini glitter baubles and little gold bells, all for £6 a pack. As for garlands, my local Stewart’s garden centre sells plain bead garlands in every colour for £2, and I found gorgeous star garlands at Paperchase for £3.50.

Festive Flowers. I always think festive flowers are an affordable sure fire way to make the place a little more festive. Poinsettas are a festive favourite (even though I seem to always kill them) that you can find in Tesco for £5, and the supermarkets are full of beautiful seasonal bouquets this time of year too.

Kitchen Pieces: Cute festive hand towels, a Christmas-y soap, some festive sharing dishes – all these things are super affordable if picked up in your local supermarket, or somewhere like Homesense or Home Bargains. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen over Christmas, so it’s nice to make the room feel festive and cosy!

Door Mat. A front door mat is probably the first thing people see when they walk into your home, so it’s a great place to make a seasonal change + add to the festive feeling of your house. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, Homebase sell a variety of Christmassy door mats for only £5 each, so it’s a really affordable way to add a little Christmas cheer!


Wreath. It’s taken me ages to find the perfect wreath this year (which you’ll notice I’ve hung inside the front door instead of out as we don’t use our front door!), because I’m so fussy! I don’t like them to look too sparse or too fake and unfortunately to get that beautiful, full wreath effect you need to spend a little more! John Lewis has some beautiful ones, as does Next Home, but if in doubt talk to your local florist about a handmade, dried floral arrangement.

Christmas Crackers. Crackers are such an integral part of the Great British Christmas dinner, and it’s always a disappointment when you pull them to find a rubbish joke, a flimsy hat and a plastic toy that snaps after a half seconds use. This year I’ve gone all out with gorgeous gold Harrods Christmas Crackers, not only is the contents a little more impressive, but they’re also going to look stunning on the Christmas dinner table.

Fancy baubles. You’ve saved money on your base baubles, now it’s time to go all out on the rest of the tree decorations. Most of mine this year have come from John Lewis, who really nail their Christmas collection, but I’ve also picked up a few in Anthropologie, Next Home, Liberty and M&S. They range from about £3 to £8 which doesn’t sound like a lot but soon adds up. Keep your eyes peeled for 3 for 2 deals around!

Stockings. I love Christmas Stockings so much! They make for great decor throughout December and then you wake up Christmas morning and they’re full of presents – what could be better?! I’ve had a few stockings over the years and generally speaking the cheaper ones aren’t worth the money, they’re fine until you fill them with presents and then they split, stretch or inevitably fall apart in the loft. I have one now from the Harrods Christmas collection and it’s gorgeous, thick and incredibly durable!

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list but just my two pennys worth on where you can save your pennies this Christmas, and where it’s worth splashing out a little more!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?