7 Simple Mood Lifting Activities You Can Do Every Day

We’ve all had those days, the ones where you get home after a tough day at work and wonder why you bother. It can feel really draining, especially when you get home and it’s already dark out. Sometimes you just need to clear your head after a long day, so I’ve got 7 simple mood lifting activities that don’t take much time or effort, but can help perk up your mood after a rubbish day.

  1. Go for a mindful walk. A lot of the time when we’re walking we’re busy concentrating on getting from A-B. When was the last time you went for a walk with no end goal, just to take in your surroundings, get some fresh air and enjoy being outside? At this time of year there’s so much to see with the leaves turning, squirrels burying the last few nuts, cobwebs caught in frost. Even ten minutes outside just being present in nature can have such a strong impact on your mood.
  2. Practise a Yoga Nidra. A Yoga Nidra is one of yoga’s more powerful meditative states, where a guided meditation takes you into a state somewhere between sleep and consciousness, where your body is fully relaxed. They can last ten minutes or half an hour, but the effect they have on the body, the mind and your sense of calm is profound. You can find Yoga Nidra recordings for free online, all you need is a quiet space to relax.
  3. Journalling. I know journalling isn’t for everyone, but research shows that most people who identify as ‘happy’ partake in some kind of gratitude journalling practise. It doesn’t have to take ages or look beautiful, simply grab a pen and paper and take note of the things you are grateful for in the present moment.
  4. Moisturise. There’s something so wonderfully soothing about the act of moisturising. Grab your favourite body butter and spend a few minutes massaging it into your skin all over. This is a particularly calming practise before bed!
  5. Cook. I don’t just mean make dinner, I mean grab a recipe book and try something new, or pull out your mixing bowls and whip up some quick cupcakes. A basic vanilla sponge recipe can be mixed up in under ten minutes, and once the oven timer dings, you have cake! The act of cooking without distraction can be so calming + the good food at the end certainly helps with your mood too.
  6. FaceTime Date. Make an effort to stay connected with long distance friends, pick up the phone and get chatting, even a twenty minute chat with a good friend can make a bad day a lot more bearable.
  7. Be creative. Get your camera out and take some photos, find a journalling prompt that connects with you and give that a go, pick up a mindfulness colouring book. Being creative exercises a different part of the brain and helps us feel happier almost instantly.

What’s your go to to improve your mood?