Why It’s Okay Not To Make The Most Of A Trip Away

When we travel, there’s an expectation we place on ourselves to go, see and do as much as humanly possible during our time away – anything else would be a waste right? Well, after our recent trip to Edinburgh that involved a poorly-timed bug, I think I’ve changed my mind, and I can see the reasoning for a slower paced, more restful trip.

I came down with a bug the day before we left for Edinburgh, luckily the kind where after 24 hours have passed you’re feeling markedly better, but I was still a little sore and tired. And then, because I’m the kind and sharing time, Con came down with the same bug the day after we arrived in Edinburgh, so we spent a lot of our three days in the city seeing nothing more exciting than the inside of our hotel room.

And do you know what? It wasn’t half bad. Okay, so we both felt pretty rotten, which wasn’t ideal, but we got to spend three days resting, cosied up in bed together watching crappy daytime TV and ordering room service, without having to worry about putting the laundry on or cleaning the kitchen or going to work. We had the days booked off, a beautiful hotel room + no place we needed to be. We rested up and spent quality time together, even if that time was punctuated by us complaining how ill we felt.

I went out and picked up coffees and soup from Pret for lunch one afternoon. We ordered an extortionately priced burger and salad from room service to share. We worked our way through the snacks in the minibar and the bottle of prosecco left in the room for us. We had long, luxuriously hot showers in the spotless marble bathroom using Aveda bath products. We ordered full fat cokes from the bar after deciding they would ‘definitely help’.

Okay so we didn’t get to visit Edinburgh Castle, or the Writer’s Museum, but we still fit in a good amount of touristing, as well as lots of rest. We certainly got our money’s worth out of the hotel, and I’m pretty sure we recovered from the bug faster than we would have at home where it’s harder to shut off.

I came back from Edinburgh feeling well rested + content, happy that we’d ticked off our non negotiables (walking the Royal Mile, food at Dishoom, a peak in Life Story) and generally feeling pretty good about going home. Really, what more could you ask for?

It’s got me tempted to book a little staycation closer to home, perhaps a night in Winchester for the Christmas market?

Have you ever taken it easy on a trip before?

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  • This sounds totally dreamy (well, the relaxing bit, not the actual bug bit!). Quite often when I get ill I think that it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow down, so maybe it was just what you needed xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • If we hadn’t felt so unwell it would have been! Yes I think you’re right, we certainly felt better for it! xxx

  • I’d honestly love to have a holiday like this right now! xx


    • I think the nice thing is it doesn’t have to cost the world! I’ve been keeping an eye on Hotel Tonight for good deals on hotels in local towns and when there’s a good deal on a beautiful hotel snapping it up for a mini staycation! xx

  • Sounds like you had a lovely break! We had a break like this when we went to Warsaw, and whilst we saw mostly everything we wanted to, we also spent a lot of time relaxing in our hotel too – it was lovely!
    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    • I think it’s such a nice change to coming back from a holiday and feeling like you need a few days to recover! Warsaw is on my list, I’d love to go! xx

  • Love this post! Sometimes I forget that a break should be that… a break! I’ve got a packed weekend this weekend away but I’m heading to Barcelona on my own in December and I’m excited to relax, wander and take some time for myself


    • Ah Jess that sounds amazing! I love Barcelona, make sure you head to the food market and try their freshly squeezed juices – there’s nothing in the world like them! Take a good book with you and plan in some chill time with a cocktail 😉 x

  • This happened to me two years ago when me and my boyfriend went to Madrid – I came down with tonsillitis on our first night, and went to get antibiotics from a Spanish GP the second. Luckily they worked pretty quickly, but I did spend at least 50 % of our time in our hotel room. It turned out to be quite relaxing (after I started feeling a bit better, anyway…) and we were lucky enough to have a nice hotel so it didn’t feel TOO bad. I do want to go back to Madrid now and actually see all the sights too… :’D xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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