October To Do List

Having spent most of September cooped up in bed, getting over a nasty infection in my scar tissue and then another surgery, I couldn’t be more excited for October. October is peak autumn goals, it’s still not bitterly cold, the leaves are in full glory, and pumpkin spice rules in every direction. My October calendar is filling up fast, not least with doctors appointments but also with yoga classes, catch ups with friends and suitably festive activities! I’m pretty excited for the new month, and this is what my October To Do List looks like.

  1. Pumpkin picking! Over coffee with my oldest friend a few weeks back I mentioned how much I enjoyed going pumpkin picking last year, and before we knew it there was a date in the diary to head to our local pick-your-own farm for a little festive fun. Who knew that essentially grocery shopping could be so much fun?
  2. Perfect my mulled cider recipe. Last year’s attempt was okay, but this year I want to knock it out of the park. I’m thinking a mulled pear affair with cinnamon sticks, star anise and fresh cloves! Best served in giant mugs on a cold clear night.
  3. Make time for meditation. This week sees the first class of an eight week Yoga for Anxiety course I signed up for. Each week there’s a two hour class including some guided meditation time, and I’m hoping to make that a priority out of the class as well as in it. A little mindfulness never hurt anyone!
  4. Buy a new blanket scarf. I certainly don’t need any more scarves, but there is a little hole in my collection for the perfect giant grey pashmina. I’ve got my eye on this one, since I love my red version so much, but this ASOS number looks great too.
  5. Bake Cinnamon Rolls. Cinnamon rolls are one of my favourite sweet treats, and yet I’ve never tried my hand at baking them myself! The perfect Sunday morning treat, consumed in bed whilst reading the paper! Bake Off’s return has inspired me to get in the kitchen!
  6. Find the perfect storage solution for my office. My office has become a bit of a dumping ground for the things I don’t know where to put, and it’s putting me off working in there! I think a trip to IKEA might be on the cards this week, to find some kind of cupboard or shelving unit to fit the awkward space I have! I want to get this room organised and feel on top of things again!
  7. Take an early morning forest walk. The forest on autumn mornings is such a beautiful place, full of swirling mists, golden light and a nip in the air that makes me excited for Winter. I want to make an effort to get up their early with my camera!
  8. Start Christmas prep! I want to get an early start on gifts this year, there’s nothing worse than the last minute gift panic! I also need to start locating some dreamy Christmas dec’s since we don’t actually own any and we’ve got a big old flat to festive up! I’m so looking forward to being in our own place for Christmas, Con and I never spent December in London so we missed out on having our own place to decorate – until now!
  9. Eat seasonal. I’m trying to take better care of myself, yoga and meditation aforementioned, and that includes eating well! Right now my body is craving hearty, seasonal meals, chunky veg soup, homemade beef stew, baked sweet potatoes piled high with chilli. I’ve been making an effort to buy our meat and veg from local farm shops, and I want to really make the most of the readily available, fresh seasonal veg!

What’s on your October to do list?

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