Happy Things

Happy Monday one and all, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I apologise for the week off, I went into hospital for surgery at the end of September and it took a little longer to recover than I originally anticipated! I thought I was being super organised by queuing content up but it turns out I didn’t queue enough! Ah well, a little break never did any harm.

I wish I could say I’m back at work with vigour and enthusiasm, but the truth is I’m still feeling tired and sore, and fed up that I feel that way! I think I’ll certainly be taking it easy for the next few weeks, hopefully I’ll be on the mend before the little weekend away we have booked at the beginning of November!

So I thought I’d ease back into things with a happy things post, I love writing these when I’m feeling a little low, they really add a bit of pep into my day!

Coffee dates. I feel like autumn is when my coffee addiction really goes rogue. Last week saw a few more trips to Starbucks than I care to mention, plus coffee and catch ups with the wonderful Danielle + my oldest school friend. I love cosying up in a coffee shop with a hot cup of joe, especially when it’s windy and rainy out!

Autumn leaves. I challenge anyone not to feel a little fizz of excitement when they spot a tree turning red, or a pile of crunchy yellow leaves on the floor. I know it’s a bit weird to celebrate trees dying, but there’s something about a carpet of crispy leaves that feels positively magical to me.

New boots. I had a good sort out of my shoe collection last month and threw out everything that was looking a little worse for wear. I came to the conclusion I needed some new flat boots for autumn/winter, and after much deliberation I settled on these bad boys. I love the Chloe Susanna Boots, but couldn’t justify £850 on a pair of boots I’m pretty sure I’ll go off in a few years, so these ASOS knockoffs are doing the trick. I’ve been impressed with just how comfy they are, and they go with pretty much everything!

A candle restock. I certainly didn’t NEED any new candles for autumn, I have a veritable buttload left over from last year, but I couldn’t resist a few new Bath and Bodyworks babes. I picked up Flipping Awesome, which is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles scented, and Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn, both are utterly heavenly. You can’t beat the scent throw of a Bath and Bodyworks candle!

Saturday afternoon cocktail dates. After getting good news from the doctors this week (no sign of the tumour growing back – I’m officially cancer free for now!) it seemed silly not to raise a glass and toast being on the mend! We settled on Pornstar Martinis which seems to be my current fave, and it felt desperately naughty to be sipping on them in the middle of the day!

Cosy knits and scarves. It’s only been  the last couple of days really where the weather has been cool enough for real autumnal dressing but I’m so here for it. I’ve been cracking out the soft knits and chunky scarves and it’s the closest you can feel to being in bed whilst being up and dressed.

A new restaurant favourite. You guys will remember I talked about Bournemouth’s new Cote Brasserie restaurant last month, well since then it’s become a firm favourite! Connor and I visited for a celebratory 7 year anniversary dinner and had an amazing meal, and I’ve been back to test out their brunch menu too! It’s certainly not an everyday pick but for a special occasion I can’t fault it!

I hope your Monday is short and sweet, and if it’s been really bad at least you can now buy some Glossier products to cheer yourself up!

What have you been loving this week?

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