My Picks From the Lush Halloween Christmas Range

It’s the most wonderful time of year – the time when the Lush Halloween Christmas range drops into stores. I feel like I’ve been ready for this since January, I always think Lush really shines when it comes to it’s Autumn/Winter product drop. Of course, I had to pop into store, have a play with a new products, and today I’m rounding up my top picks for you, to help you navigate the rather hefty new release list.

Now, I didn’t pick up a soap from the range, I feel like I just never reach for solid soaps so they just tend to go to waste. I settled on four top bath and two top shower picks, and I really feel like there’s something for everyone here.

The Snowman Bubbleroon – £4.25. There’s been a few iterations of the Snowman Bubbleroon over the years, I always pick it up but I think this one’s the cutest yet. Packed with sicillian lemon oil and fairtrade shea butter, I always find this to be such a calming scent, and it creates a ton of bubbles. I usually get three baths out of these, and they make the water really soft. I can’t see anyone disliking this one!

Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb – £4.50. I tend to gravitate to bubble bars over bath bombs, since they tend to go further, but Monster’s Ball is one of my favourites.  Scented with lime and neroli, this turns your bath hot pink with a hint of sparkles. I don’t normally like citrus scented baths but this is an exception, it’s not too in your face fresh, but rather quite calming.

Plum Snow Bubble Bar – £5.95. Don’t be put off by Plum Rain’s high price tag, because this bath bomb is blooming huge. Scented with plum, mandarin and petitgrain, it’s fruity and herby in just the right measures. I’m optimistic I can get four baths out of this bad boy, which I’m pretty pleased about since it smells heavenly!

Tree-d Bath Melt – £4.50. I’m so glad that Lush are making their bath melts available in stores other than the flagship, because I seriously love them. You need so little to make your bath water feel soft and luxurious, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get 8 baths out of this one, you only need a tiny bit! Tree-d smells heavenly too, packed with tangerine, grapefruit, almond oil and shea butter.

Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel – £11.95 for 250gAs soon as I read the description of this shower gel I knew it was going to be up my street. Cranberry, orange and olive oil come together to make a decidedly festive scent, and I really wish that Lush did this scent in a candle. Lush shower gels last a really long time, I’m just finishing up a 250g bottle I got at Valentines, so they’re great value for money. This shower gel is pretty glittery which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you can’t sparkle at Christmas, when can you?!

Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner – £8.95. One last product and if you’re into orange you’ll love this! I always have drier skin in the autumn winter months, so I love using a body conditioner in the shower for extra moisture where I need it. This almost smells fizzy, incredibly fresh and yummy, I think everyone will love this one!

Of course, I also love Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, Lord of Misrule, Pumpkin, Candy Mountain, Lush Luxury Christmas Pud and Twilight Shower gel, but these are my top picks this year!

Will you be picking anything up from the Lush Halloween Christmas range?

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