29 Reasons Autumn Is The Best Season

Autumn is the BEST season. That’s not an opinion, it’s an objective fact! Friday marks the official start of Autumn, and I’ve heard a few people complaining about Summer being over, so today I’m going to prove you all wrong with a list of reasons why Autumn is the best!

  1. The colour palette. Is there anything dreamier than deep burgundys, mustard yellows and forest greens? In your wardrobe, in your home, on your Instagram theme – it’s the ultimate colour combo.
  2. Autumn is the season of coffee. If there was ever a time to get hooked on coffee, it’s now. White mochas, caramel lattes, PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES. I mean honestly, is it even autumn if you don’t have 100 ridiculous flavoured coffees? Nope, didn’t think so.
  3. The candles. Oh my, the candles. Now I’ll admit to burning candles year round but come September First you best believe I’ve pulled out every cinnamon-pumpkin-spiced-chai-mulled wine candle there is.
  4. Cosy blanket weather. You know on a Sunday when it’s grey and miserable outside, so you snuggle up on the sofa with a cosy blanket, new book and hot chocolate listening to the rain? YEAH, THAT.
  5. Bubble baths. Okay so you can have a bath any time of year but I don’t trust people who say they enjoy baths in the Summer. It’s too hot to sit in a pot of hot and you know it. Autumn is where bubble baths are at.
  6. DARK LIPSTICK. I don’t think I wear anything other than pinks and nudes from March through September, but Autumn is when I crack out the berries, the plums, the deep reds. Yay for lipstick.
  7. Crunchy leaves. Let’s not even pretend you don’t love walking through fallen leaves.
  8. Soups and Stews. Is there anything better than a hot soup served for lunch on a rainy day? Or a fresh stew made in the slow cooker, ladled onto fresh bread and eaten for dinner? The answer is no.
  9. Jumper weather. Everyone knows that getting dressed in the Autumn is the easiest. Jeans, jumper, DONE. No fuss and you always look great.
  10. Lush’s Autumn/Winter Collection. It’s the most wonderful time of the Lush year. Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bars for all!
  11. Giant tubs of Celebrations are for sale in the supermarket. I won’t tell anyone you’ve bought one already, it can be our little secret.
  12. Weekend movie marathons are a legitimate thing you’re expected to do. No more pressure to go out and spend time outside because ‘it’s nice out’. You can stay in your pyjamas all weekend binge watching Harry Potter for the 9382774 time because IT’S AUTUMN.
  13. Picnics. Picnics in the falling leaves with tartan blankets, thermos’ full of soup and a new book.
  14. BONFIRES. My god does anything smell better than a bonfire on a cold autumn night?
  15. Hot apple cider. The perfect drink for the season. Best consumed by the fire, in a giant mug, with a hot dog. I have no idea why the hot dog works but it does.
  16. TV get’s better. Designated Survivor is back, The Mindy Project is back, How To Get Away With Murder is back, Scandal is back, Riverdale is back. Autumn TV is the best.
  17. Not having to shave your legs every other day. Your pins are now safely ensconced in jeans for the forseeable future, nobody’s going to notice a little fur.
  18. Pumpkin picking. I don’t even like pumpkins but you can bet your ass I’ll be out picking one the second October rolls around.
  19. Finally getting an excuse to wear your collection of giant Zara blanket scarves. Everyone’s got one, right?
  20. You can buy anything for yourself and call it ‘an early Christmas present’. Ultimate justification.
  21. Going for walks. If you go for a walk on a crisp Autumn day it’s just perfect. No getting hot and sweaty after three minutes outside, and no being followed by pesky wasps. The leaves are changing on the trees making them even more beautiful. Perfect.
  22. Tis the season of reading. Darker evenings mean more time in curled up on the sofa with a book and I’m all for it.
  23. Coat weather! Coat weather is fantastic because you could wear the same outfit every day for the whole of Autumn and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW BECAUSE IT’S UNDER YOUR COAT.
  24. It’s not hot anymore, so you can wear your hair down without it sticking to the back of your neck.
  25. Fruit crumble. ‘nuf said.
  26. It’s already dark when you get home from work, which means it’s automatically time for wine.
  27. Instagram gets better. Because everyone’s feeds are full of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, golden trees, and gorgeous OOTDs starring giant scarves and boots.
  28. Apples are in season. We all know apples are the universal fruit of happiness. Pick them fresh from the tree, eat them dipped in peanut butter, cooked in a tart, or as part of an apple pie. Apples taste the best this time of year.
  29. Everything is more atmospheric in the autumn. The crisp mornings and early golden hour evening light lends itself to a more magical feel, don’t you think!

What are your favourite things about autumn?