What To Expect From Your First Ever Girl’s Holiday

Until my trip to Ibiza at the beginning of the month (did I mention I went to Ibiza at the beginning of the month…) I’d never been on holiday with a group of gal pals before, my travel has been exclusively limited to family holidays, trips with Con, and the odd bit of business travel every now and then. So whilst I was excited to be heading on my first girl’s trip, I was also pretty nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect!

Lucky for me, Lauren, Kelly, Leigh + Jess turned out to be the best bunch of gals I could have hoped to travel with! We had such a fantastic time – I needn’t have worried at all! It was so much fun that I wanted to round up what to expect from your first ever girl’s holiday, to see if I can persuade you to book one for yourselves!

It doesn’t matter if one of you forgot something, your gals have you covered.

Unlike travelling with your boyfriend (mine once neglected to pack his toothbrush, go figure), your girlfriends have probably thought of every eventuality, and packed accordingly, just like you. This means when you inevitably need something you don’t have, they’ve got you covered. I borrowed setting powder, Compeed, salt spray and painkillers whilst we were in Ibiza, meaning I didn’t have to take multiple trips to a supermarket/drugstore to fill the gaps in my packing.

You’ll laugh more than you thought possible.

Within minutes the five of us were so comfortable together we were laughing and joking like we’d known each other years, not just met for the first time bleary eyed in the departures terminal minutes before. By the time I got home I had a sore throat from all the laughing and talking. I felt so happy and content with these ladies!

It’s like travelling with your own personal fan club.

I’ve never heard so many compliments and positive affirmations flying around as during our three days in Ibiza. The girl power vibes were strong and every outfit change, photo sesh or body confidence wobble was met with all the love and positivity in the world. Hell, all five of us shot swimwear photos and shared them online, if that doesn’t tell you how good we all felt together nothing will!

There will be wine.

And probably hangovers. Get five girls in a gorgeous courtyard in the setting Ibiza sun and there is guaranteed to be wine. Wine is so bloody cheap in Europe, you won’t be able to risk grabbing a bottle (or four) of the good stuff, and sharing it whilst gossiping about everything from work to politics to boys.

You’ll make so many wonderful, unexpected memories.

Off roading in a brand new Mercedes. Taking it in turns to pee in a bush on a mountain hike. Falling off rocks in the ocean. I feel so lucky to have shared such wonderful experiences with these ladies!

Have I convinced you you need a girl’s trip?