A Mini Guide to New Orleans

December saw me take my very first trip to Louisiana, and spend a brief, but magical three days in New Orleans. We crammed in a lot on top of our work days, a little shopping, a little sightseeing, a little drinking, a LOT of eating, and so I thought I’d round up some of my favourite must-hit spots for you today.

HiVolt Coffee



Tucked away just off Magazine Street is a hipster haven serving up the best iced chai I’ve ever had. Despite travelling to NOLA in December, temperatures were still hanging around the mid twenties and it was a little humid, so a soy iced chai latte was the perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up. This little spot was packed with freelancers and creatives working away, and if I wasn’t short on time, I’d have loved to while away an afternoon in there. If you spent ten minutes trying to get the perfect coffee flat lay in here, I can’t see anyone judging you.

Hi Volt Coffee
Soy Iced Chai Latte

District Donuts



When I visited District, I was kinda foodied out, after two days of giant three course meals twice a day, and was craving a lunch that didn’t leave me feeling ready to explode – and District did the job. I met up with the wonderful Allison to gab blogging + beauty, and she said we simply had to get donuts at District – and who am I to deny a donut!

We ordered BLT Sliders, cheese fries that came loaded up with grilled onions too, and I grabbed a Dirty Chai Donut to go. Everything was delicious, and I ended up grabbing a donut here the next day too, because how are you supposed to pick just one?!

District Donuts
Dirty Chai Donut District

The Sunday Shop



Whilst strolling Magazine Street with Allison, we stumbled upon the newly opened Sunday Shop. It seems only fair to describe this as a blogger’s haven. Homewares, Aesop products, Byredo fragrances, and fresh flowers, set against a whitewashed background, it’s like – JUST TAKE MY MONEY NOW. If you’re a blogger, instagrammer, or you just like to own dreamy luxury products, you’ll want to check this place out.

The Sunday Shop The Sunday Shop THE SUNDAY SHOP

We also ate at Emeril’s, Pascale Menale’s + the Sake Cafe, all of which I can highly recommend! My drink of choice whilst we were in the city was the Abita Boot beer, a light wheat beer that was super tasty + refreshing in the Louisiana Humidity.

Tourist-wise, if you’re a fan of American Horror Story, I highly recommend making the pilgrimage to the Coven house, I stood outside with Allison fangirling hard. A ride on the tram is a tourist cliche, but makes you feel like you’re in a movie from the nineties, and is a great way to admire the buildings in the city without killing your feet.

NOLA CALI (10 of 44) NOLA CALI (11 of 44)

You also should have at least one night out on Bourbon Street – it’s like one of those bucket list things really. I’m not much of a drinker or party animal, but we had such a great night. We ended up in Laffite’s, the oldest bar in the US, where we drank beer and sang whilst someone played classic rock anthems on the piano. I woke up the next morning in a bed full of Mardi Gras beads, a little worse for wear, but it was an amazing night.

So that’s my short and sweet New Orleans guide. Have you traveled to Louisiana before? Where’s next on your travel hit list?

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  • I live so close to Louisiana and I still haven’t been there!!
    Oh my goodness I drooled at the photos of food ahaha. They look so good!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You absolutely MUST go, it was amazing! Worth it for the food alone girl!