10 Things To Do in March

March is always a massively hectic month for me – it’s packed with family birthdays, deadlines, Mother’s day, Easter, lots of good stuff – but because it’s so busy, I often get to the end of the month and wonder where it went. I like to set myself little to do goals to achieve to make sure I’m making the most of the free time I do have! Here’s my to do list for March!
1. Have a duvet day. When your schedule is jam packed, it’s easy to forget to take a little R&R time for yourself. I’m looking forward to a day on the sofa snuggled up under the duvet, eating pizza and watching Disney movies. 
2. Take an online class. After taking part in the #BlogLikeAMag webinar last month, I’m feeling super pumped about broadening your knowledge online. I’m looking into a Pinterest class for this month!
3. Buy yourself an Easter Egg and eat it way before Easter. Why does Easter Egg chocolate taste better than regular chocolate? You deserve a Tuesday afternoon chocolate treat. 
4. Have a stock photo day. Whether that means going out and taking a billion different photos out and about, or spending a day arranging products on a table to create 101 flat lays, create a ton of imagery to have in your arsenal in case you need it.
5. Save some money. For a rainy day, a trip, or an emergency, put some money away to spend on something important. I’m saving for my trip to Paris at the end of April! 
6. Get outside. With a little luck, the sun may make an appearance, however brief, this month. Make the most of non freezing temperatures by exploring outside. There’s a country park near us I’ve never been to on my list!
7. Curate your reading list. Consider what you consume more carefully, consume less ‘shallow’ media, and read more creative content that’s catered to your interest. Quality over quantity. 
8. Get up earlier. Even if it’s only 10 minutes. Find a way to make those ten minutes count. For me it’s going to be 30 minutes earlier, and using that time to run through a simple Yoga routine to wake my body up properly.
9. Treat yourself to something you’ve needed or wanted for a while. A new purse, a new print for above your desk, a ridiculously overpriced nail polish. I’m going to be picking up a new pair of black Topshop Jamie Jeans, because mine are a little worn now.
10. Challenge yourself. To post daily on your blog, to run three times a week, to start a project you’re passionate about. 
What’s on your March to do list?