My Top 8 Tips for Happy Skin

Having had problem skin throughout most of my teenage years, I totally understand the importance of good skin. When your skin is acting up it can really affect your confidence, and nobody wants that. I’m a firm believer in good skin and a good skincare routine being more important that makeup, so I’m sharing my top tips for happy skin!
1. Cleanse more than you think is necessary. I cleanse in the morning, when I take my makeup off, and before bed. I love the Origins Checks and Balances  and Philosophy Purity Cleansers, because they’re gentle but effective. 
2. Cut out fizzy drinks. I have the occasional cup of tea or coffee, but aside from that, all I drink is water. The difference I notice in my skin if I don’t get in my usual four pints of water in a day is utterly astounding. 
3. Serums, serums, serums. Serums are basically the holy grail of the skincare world, whatever your skincare concern, there’s guaranteed to be a kick ass serum to combat the issue. Right now I love the Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum, which keeps my skin mellow and happy.
4. Avocados and Beetroot are a must. For happy, clear, plump skin, you want as many of these bad boys in your diet as possible. 
5. Oils are not just for dry skin. Oils can do wonders for the skin, and are not something to be afraid of if you’re an oily gal. Start by mixing a drop or two of something like the Trilogy Rosehip Oil into your evening moisturiser – it’s a great one for getting rid of redness and helping breakouts heal faster.
6. Have a contingency plan. Hormones and poor diet choices can override even the best skincare routine, so have a plan of action for when things aren’t looking so hot. For me, that means a hot shower, a go over with an acid exfoliant, 10 minutes with the Origins Clear Improvement mask, La Roche Posay Effeclar A.I. on any spots, and an early night.
7. Cut out dairy. I can never understand people who complain about their skin, or take harsh drugs like Roaccutane to clear their skin, when their diet is still heavy in dairy. Cutting out dairy will improve everything from acne to little breakouts to eczema.
8. Look into acid exfoliants. They’re less harsh on the skin than gritty scrubs, and help keep your skin looking clear and fresh.
What are your top tips for happy skin?