Pixi Pop Up Store

 I thought today that I’d share some photos from an event I went to last week, cause darn it, it was just so cute! Awesome beauty brand Pixi invited me down to their new Covent Garden Pop Up store to learn more about their products, and I had the best time! 
Whilst I was previously familiar with a few different Pixi products (namely the Glow Tonic and the lip balms) I was honestly blown away by the sheer volume of different products that Pixi have to offer, I had no idea they had so much!
The great thing about the pop up store is that they have everything out for you to play with, so you can really get to grips with the products. The team at the store are all incredibly knowledgeable & friendly, and they weren’t phased by any of the questions I threw at them! 
 If you’re in London in the near future, it’s definitely worth popping down to the Pop Up store! I’m excited to try out the new products I picked up, keep an eye out for my thoughts on the blog too!
The Pixi Pop Up store will be at 55 Neal Street in Covent Garden until July.
Have you tried anything from Pixi?