Five I'll Always Buy

I’m a sucker for anything with a ‘new’ sticker on, so it’s rare that things make the repurchase list, but there are a few products that are just so good, I wouldn’t be without them. 
I recently repurchased my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, it’s no secret that I adore this stuff. Great for concealing my ghastly under eye circles, and any pesky blemishes that appear, it’s high coverage but it blends like a dream. Worth every penny. 
The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal wins my award for favourite lip product find of 2015, and for good reason. It’s incredibly hydrating and creamy on the lips, whilst offering a sheer tint of perfect ‘my lips but better’ goodness. I’ve nearly used all of this up, and that NEVER happens with lip colours. 
The Chanel Les Beiges powder is eye-wateringly expensive, so much so that I was desperate to hate it, but alas, it’s fantastic. It takes away any excess shine from the skin, whilst giving it a really healthy glow, and is by far the best setting powder I’ve tried. I’m dreading having to repurchase this but I will because it’s just THAT good. 
As a curly haired gal, I’m prone to tangly tresses that no brush could get near, so the Bumble and Bumble Tonic spray is basically my holy grail.  I spritz this liberally into damp hair and as if by magic, it untangles, whilst also keeping things silky smooth. 
Years of dancing have wreaked havoc on my feet, and now I’m the proud owner of stereotypical dancer feet, which without proper maintenance turn scalier than a bearded dragon. I’ve yet to find anything as effective as Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius, I slather this on post shower and my feet feel great – even if they don’t look it. 
What are your must haves, couldn’t live without products?